Key Features

Maintaining the right temperature is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for storing life-saving pharmaceutical products. Conventional temperature monitoring methods typically involve manual checks and paper logs which lack real-time visibility and are susceptible to errors. To address these issues, we implemented an IoT-based remote refrigeration monitoring system with the following essential features:

Remote freezer temperature monitor

The system provides continuous temperature monitoring of freezers, displaying real-time data on the logger devices. This helps ensure that the temperature stays within specified limits.

Configuration management

Configuration of the remote freezer temperature alarm with defined thresholds and user permissions. Receive instant alerts for temperature deviations to ensure timely intervention.

Comprehensive data analysis

Comprehensive historical data logs enable temperature trends, analysis, and reporting. Detailed reports are generated daily and monthly, providing insights into temperature trends and deviations. Intuitive app design facilitates easy data visualization and reporting.

Remote access and control

Users can remotely access and manage data, configure alerts, and receive notifications from anywhere with a wireless freezer temperature monitoring system.

Freezer temperature monitoring system for pharma sector
Smart iot remote refrigeration monitoring system for pharma

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