Tactical Approach

In our collaborative journey of digital transformation in manufacturing, we navigated the shift from legacy technologies like Microsoft Excel with VBA, MVC, and SQL to emerging technologies like NET 5.0, Angular, and Material Design. Our team strategically leveraged emerging digital technologies and data-driven processes to drive sustainable growth. This involved:

Development of an MES

Our team spearheaded a modern MES to integrate suppliers, staff and distributors into a single platform. The modernized system unified inventory, production, orders, supply chain, and accounting data to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enable informed decisions.

Migration to Azure Cloud

We facilitated the successful transition of a legacy Windows application with limited VPN access to a dynamic cloud-based environment. This enabled the sales professionals to swiftly capitalize on opportunities, ensuring the client’s sustained performance and competitiveness.

Integration and Connectivity

Seamless integration and connectivity are at the core of our MES solution. We facilitated interoperability with existing enterprise systems, such as ERP and SCM, through standardized interfaces and APIs. By enabling bi-directional data exchange and workflow orchestration, our solution ensured end-to-end visibility and synchronization across the manufacturing ecosystem.

Power BI Integration and Data Visualization

We leveraged Power BI for its data visualization capabilities. This integration allowed real-time access to key business metrics for stakeholders to make data-driven decisions with granular insights into business operations. Additionally, we implemented reporting capabilities within the new system, allowing users to generate custom reports targeting specific KPIs.

Features of ERP & MES system
Modernized ERP & MES system screenshot

Transformative Impact

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