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How Power BI for the Manufacturing Industry Unlocks Data-Driven Success?

In this blog, we explore how manufacturers can leverage Power BI for manufacturing industry to uncover powerful insights and turn straws of data into gold. We will also discuss real-life use cases of how Power BI is helping manufacturers and suppliers to drive revenue, save costs, and improve productivity.

IoT in Manufacturing: Trends, Use Cases and Benefits

IoT in the Manufacturing Industry - part of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) enables manufacturers to engage smart devices and supportive software platforms. It helps reap the benefits of this connected environment in their ecosystem.

Cloud Based Applications Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry

Although the Manufacturing industry has been around for a while it still face challenges at all levels of operations including inventory management, quality testing and post-production activities. Manufacturers today are constantly trying to improve their accuracy levels, improve upon their process speed and keep a constant tab on the interactions with their suppliers and distributors.