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IoT in Fleet Management: Benefits & Use Cases

Through this blog, we will provide a detailed rundown of what comprises IoT-based fleet management. It would cover IoT applications' use cases and benefits in fleet management. And how you can leverage IoT capabilities to automate processes, optimize costs & improve decision-making.

Role of IoT in Transportation and Logistics: Benefits, Use Cases

In this article, we'll explore the use cases of how IoT helps the industry, potential drivers, benefits & more.

IoT in Retail Industry : Use Cases, Benefits, Trends and More

If you also want to leverage IoT applications in your retail business but wish to learn more about the IoT capabilities that influence upcoming trends, business benefits & more. In that case, the article is for you.

IoT in Supply Chain and Logistics: Role, Benefits & Use Cases

This article will discuss IoT's importance for Supply Chain Management & Logistics, its benefits, use cases, and more.

How to Implement Smart Traffic Control Using IoT: Key Features, Use Cases & Benefits

Through this article, we will explore the role of IoT in traffic management, the challenges it can solve & essential technologies to develop an intelligent system. We'll also explain how a city government can implement it to offer a good citizen experience.

IoT in Healthcare: Trends, Benefits, Use Cases & More

In this post, we will discuss the importance of IoT in healthcare through trends, benefits, use cases, used technologies & much more. So, let's get started!

IoT-enabled Hospital Asset Tracking Software Development

With this article, we’ll explore how hospital asset management using IoT technology can improve the pace, accuracy & efficacy of tracking & optimize asset use.

IoT in Manufacturing: Trends, Use Cases and Benefits

IoT in the Manufacturing Industry - part of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) enables manufacturers to engage smart devices and supportive software platforms. It helps reap the benefits of this connected environment in their ecosystem.

IoT Use Cases Across Industries and Technology Trends

In this blog, we will explore the future trends of IoT with practical applications, by industry so you can make the most of software development.

Legacy App Modernization for Littering Offense Ticketing System using IoT [Case Study]

Learn how we helped a Europe-based client modernize their legacy system with an IoT-based litter fine ticket mobile app.

IoT-Based Beer Line Cleaning & Monitoring App Development [Case Study]

Explore how Rishabh Software helped digitize the beer-line cleaning operations with a dedicated IoT Mobile App to free up staff & optimize their work schedules while enabling cost reduction for the draught beer operations.

IoT-Powered Solution for Fluid Management with Advanced Data Analytics [Case Study]

Rishabh Software created an IoT-based Web Solution With Integrated Analytics for Industrial Fluid Management. It would help to measure the data related to fluid flow, volume, storage level and more. A BI-powered analytics system integration helps generate real-time reports.