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Food Delivery App Development

Businesses leverage food delivery mobile apps to sell food and drinks that people enjoy. As part of this, an online food delivery business is growing faster than any other segments (such as quick-service restaurants or fast-casual places) in the food industry.

Telemedicine Application Development: Advantages, Use Cases, Features & Cost

The healthcare companies of today are looking at ways to reduce costs and improve patient care. As part of this, Telemedicine is emerging as the new concept of e-healthcare. The new telemedicine platforms are making the healthcare industry more flexible.

Telenursing Solutions Are Transforming Patients Care For Good

As we speak, COVID-19 has 50m+ cases confirmed globally. 1m+ people are known to have lost their lives. The pandemic has obviously transformed the face of medical care. But the question is – how exactly? Telenursing with a potent combination of nursing and the potential of technology is emerging as a worthy answer.American Telenursing Association...

How Emerging EdTech Trends Will Reshape the Future of Education

For the past century, majority of the learning models have remained unchanged. But, COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional classroom learning model permanently. In order to ensure continuity of education, most countries turned to emerging trends in educational technology.

Application Modernization & Re-Engineering Post COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has wrecked a havoc on businesses. While companies across the world are working on embracing the latest in technologies with “digital everything” - a consistent upgrade for archaic applications and software with application modernization & reengineering is imperative to ensure business continuity.

Remote Project Management Software Solution

Remote project planning and management software enables companies to manage teams to serve the customers virtually with an online collaboration tool that helps maximize project efficiency. Learn how Rishabh Software helps global organizations create a unique line of sight across their business operations by simplifying the workflow, and accomplish goals through custom solutions.

Remote Team Work Management Tools Development

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the face of operations for organizations across domains to adapt to the new era of remote working. With strategic practices and the right tools, they enable employees to work in a virtual, collaborative environment and ensure business continuity.

Remote Workforce Solutions To Ensure Business Continuity

The coronavirus outbreak seems to have changed priorities for organizations across the world. Its long-term impact is driving the trend for the usage of digital platforms to ensure business continuity.

Meeting Management Solution

A meeting management software helps various teams across organizations to improve meeting effectiveness with an interactive interface.

Predict & Optimize Food Delivery Time Using Machine Learning & Analytics

While an on-demand food delivery model connects merchants, delivery riders, and end customers, machine learning clubbed with accumulated data from past food orders.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, along with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), is transforming the healthcare industry. A remote or home patient monitoring system helps leverage digital technologies to offer personalized care and attention to patients.

Deep Learning EHR Application to Aid in Coronavirus Response

The Novel Coronavirus is spreading across the world. Amid this pandemic, deep learning in the healthcare system helps track the virus spread and take further action.

XaaS – Spearheading Innovation In The IT Landscape

Subscription-based models have created a seismic switch in the way services are delivered and consumed in the ever-evolving, fast-paced, and disruption-driven service marketplace.