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IT Support Chatbot Development to Drive Enterprise Productivity

Out with the old, in with the new! We live in an era when the days of calling a service desk to submit requests are on their way out, and for a good reason. Today, even employees want prompt and frictionless interactions that would resolve recurring queries on time. One fundamental area where it is proving to...

Meeting Management Software Development

Meetings are an essential part of professional life as they ensure a consistent flow of communication across modern business workflows. Typically in any such gathering members have operational discussions, brainstorm about tasks, analyze results and more. Though any such discussion without a definite plan, clarity on responsibilities, adequate notes would result in negative consequences for the whole company. This even impacts project development as time management is an essential consideration across various tasks.

Essentials Of OTT App Development

In this article, we will provide you with a complete checklist to develop & deploy a lucrative OTT app for your brand.

Enterprise Data Fabric: Business Benefits, Capabilities & Use Cases

Enterprise Data Fabric has emerged as a viable strategy for frictionless access & sharing of dynamic, distributed, and diverse records. It is a robust solution to low-value and high-cost integration cycles and the rising demand for real-time information sharing.

Progressive Web Application Development: Why Businesses Should Care

Imagine a website that offers a seamless smartphone user experience without needing you to develop across all different platforms. Progressive Web App gives you a speedy, immersive and a more reliable version of your website. And just like a native app, it can operate offline and access your microphone, GPS and camera if necessary, offering all the benefits of a mobile app on your website. All this and more to eventually provide you higher conversion rates & better customer satisfaction.

Core Elements Of Digital Transformation [Infographic]

If you want to embark on key components of digital transformation as part of your modernization journey, then the shared infographic will offer practical insights on considerations and essentials for an effective business strategy.

Predict & Optimize Food Delivery Time Using Machine Learning & Analytics

Machine learning enables derive patterns that helps businesses to enhance their customer experience and subsequently increase their market share. Rishabh Software blends this business knowledge with technology to help food delivery companies optimize operations, accelerate delivery times & enhance the customer experience to outperform the competition.

Use Case: ML Based Product Catalog Management To Declutter Data Inconsistency

With the advent of machine learning (ML) and Big Data, the manual processes for product classification can go away for good. An ML product catalog management system can help capitalize on data to optimize cost and TAT with zero human errors to meet the growth.

Role of Business Intelligence in Insurance Industry

For years, insurance professionals have relied on complex spreadsheets to stay compliant, analyze claims, address inquiries, and navigate customer profiling. However, accurate data reporting with conventional technologies is often tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Business intelligence accompanied by powerful data visualization capabilities can help insurers break free from the clutter of complicated worksheets and data silos while enabling informed decision-making.

Grocery Delivery App Development: Features, Benefits, Cost & More

Just like shopping for other items, online order of grocery items is gaining popularity worldwide. And, while grocers and shopkeepers are leaving no stone unturned to leverage this emerging trend. The focus is now on investing in developing user-focused apps to meet the continuously increasing demand.

Predicting Customer Lifetime Value Using ML

Think about the various group of individuals you interact with on a daily basis – friends, family, relatives, colleagues, coaches, educators, and more. Possibly, there would be a methodology, different styles and communication you would adopt while interacting with each of these individuals/groups.

Key Elements Of Social Distancing Software Development Using Artificial Intelligence

Social distancing in the workplace and other surroundings is now becoming a norm. Though it is vital to understand and address how employees interact within any ecosystem.

Video on Demand App Development: Features, Benefits, Cost & More

Video on demand (VoD) has revolutionized the way we access video content. Binge-watching offers users to enjoy their favorite movies, seasons, and videos uninterrupted with any time, anywhere convenience.