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Custom Digital Learning Solution For Education Industry [Case Study]

15 Oct 2019

E-learning today is undergoing a significant transformation. The new-age cloud-based learning platforms offer edge over traditional education methodologies. They provide greater convenience to students and teachers. Gamification enabled digital learning platform make learning fun. It allows students to work in collaboration and develop skills. Besides, it helps teachers to develop and improve their teaching styles.


Learn how Rishabh Software helped an Australia based education provider with an intuitive solution. As part of the mandate, we developed a cloud-based e-learning platform to simplify their learning delivery process. It helped teachers, kids, and parents to gain maximum advantage from it.


Project Overview

Our customer was seeking a reliable product development partner who can build a digital e-learning platform. They wanted to offer a cloud-based platform with a primary focus on Year 1 to Year 4 students and classes along with coverage of different subjects, including Languages, Mathematics, and Phoenics & Science.


The developed centralized system would achieve three objectives:

  1. Help students to sharpen their skills with active learning
  2. Enable teachers to improve their course offerings
  3. Allow parents to monitor their child’s performance quickly


  • Gamification of learning curriculum to make the system more engaging
  • Handle thousands of concurrent users
  • Develop a role-based access system for teachers, kids, and parents
  • Real-time tracking of student & teacher performance
  • Create a fast, efficient, and automatic faculty management
  • Reduce downtime of the developed cloud-based learning solution

Our Solution

Our team analyzed the widespread game flows and developed a proof of concept. Based on the analysis, we implemented the gamification feature in the online learning solution to engage kids, teachers, and parents.


Our team followed a phased implementation approach to develop the digital education platform.

  1. Phase1: Understand the learning courses and meet the students to get the right feedback.
  2. Phase 2: Redesign the course in a gaming format and according to user interests.
  3. Phase 3: Develop a cloud-based infrastructure that manages concurrent users.


We designed a variety of portals as a part of cloud-based e-learning platform development focus to enable:

  1. Kids to learn from anywhere outside of the classroom
  2. Admin to manage courses, questionnaire, and user profiles as well as automatically assign badges & points
  3. Parents to check the progress bar of their child and even assign a task to kids
  4. Teachers to review their performance, kid’s achievements, and manage course information
  5. Customer loyalty management

Business Benefits

  • Improve user engagement with gamification features
  • Customize course features, user profiles, themes, and other components easily
  • Offer role-based access to updated content with faster delivery of lessons
  • Use intuitive dashboards to discover overall statistics
  • Monitor progress of students in real-time
  • Enable teachers to review and improve their performance continuously
  • Seamless user experiences across devices
  • Reduce costs compared to traditional forms of learning

To conclude, Rishabh Software, as a reliable product development partner, successfully built the cloud-based digital learning platform within 12 months. Besides, we made sure that the developed system follows the standards of the Australian Education Committee and the learning curriculum aligned with the country.


Today, this e-learning platform successfully handles 10,000+ concurrent users across Australia and provides an effective way to reduce costs for our customers by maximizing resource availability and offer advanced learning capabilities to students.

Customer Profile

Australia based education enterprise

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