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Homecare Portal Development Using Drupal For The Elderly [Case Study]

08 Apr 2020

Elderly citizens are particularly vulnerable during such testing times, like the recent coronavirus outbreak. Special care needs to be taken for their well-being. Learn how we helped a UK-based healthcare organization to provide senior home care through a Drupal-based solution.


Healthcare organizations across the world are now focusing on providing older adults with better home care services in the comfort and safety of their residence.

Research indicates that adults (60 and older), especially those with any pre-existing medical conditions like heart or lung problems, diabetes, high-pressure etc. are more prone to be affected in any contagion situation.


A web application with desktop and mobile interface would help the elderly to find trusted and reliable caregivers.


Read how with homecare portal development using Drupal, Rishabh Software equipped a UK-based Healthcare Provider to reach the elderly better in providing better care.

HomeCare Portal Development using Drupal for Seniors

Project Overview

Our client wanted help with the creation of a private home care portal to help older adults to search, shortlist, pay, and receive care from the caregivers of their choice.


The solution would:

  1. Facilitate secure communication between homebound individuals and healthcare providers
  2. Decide the level of care needed based on the medical/mental situation of the patient

Key Challenges

  1. Design the simple yet effective UX for the elderly users
  2. Carer based payment management and administration
  3. Designing the right UX for elderly care seekers

Seek Specialist Healthcare Solutions?

Rishabh Software has the required proficiency in health care application development with digital solutions.

Our Solution

As an experienced Drupal website design company, Rishabh Software created a web-based portal and a mobile app targeted primarily for geriatric care.


Further, it helped:

  • Enable older adults to apply for caregivers in their area
  • Virtual assistance like chatbots to answer common health questions

Benefits Of Smart Drupal-Based Home Care Web Portal For Elderly

  • Reduced time with caregivers to help older adults at risk by addressing their cognitive or general health decline and unrecognized falls
  • Simple and effective two-step contract builder
  • Easy to create and approve care shifts
  • Improved sanitized & safe in-home care service for seniors
  • Faster payments for caregivers using Stripe
  • Mobile apps for both care providers and care seekers


To conclude, with Drupal-based caregiver portal development proficiency, Rishabh Software delivered a smart, simple, and adequate solution within the stipulated timeframe.


Today, it helps check the symptoms, examine lab results, get alerts for any comorbidity condition, and take necessary actions as early as possible.


As a result, the organization assists caregivers for seniors in enlisting the technology to fight against any isolation or other health challenges.

Customer Profile

A UK-based home nursing care services provider focusing on seniors’ health

Technology & Tools

  • Drupal 8
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL Apache
  • TensorFlow Open-source Machine Learning Library
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Bootstrap
  • AWS Cloud

Improve Efficiency of Healthcare

Rishabh Software builds smart solutions that help improve timely diagnosis, isolation, and treatment to relieve the pressure on frontline clinicians.