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App Modernization For Faith-Focused Digital VoD Platform [Case Study]

10 Dec 2021

Video-On-Demand (VOD) platforms are quickly outperforming traditional forms of media to provide users with an array of personalized content right at their fingertips. Right from movies to fitness videos, this market is on an uphill trend. However, VOD apps built on technologies that are now on the verge of becoming outdated can create performance issues. They must be modernized to align them with current market trends and to meet business needs. And in an already competitive market, it is but obvious to put user needs at the forefront. Though, modernization of applications requires a skilled team who has the proficiency & the experience to weave in new functionality & help you extract maximum business value.

Learn how we helped a North American media company modernize their video-on-demand application focused specifically on religious & faith related content. This not just enhanced the user experience but also helped get accurate sales insights.

Project Overview

The US-based brand with two decades of faith-focused video content distribution experience across formats (from VHS to DVD, and finally digital) was seeking assistance from a technology partner with legacy app modernization. This would essentially address; 1) accurate reporting of sales data 2) application performance issues across – TV (Apple), Mobile & Tablet (Android, iOS), Web & other OTT platforms (Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast & more).


  • Outdated & legacy back-end technology
  • Inconsistent content delivery
  • Inaccurate sales data reporting


As part of the legacy app modernization process, our team helped reengineer the video-on-demand solution by restructuring the existing code using the PHP MVC framework.

The core deliverables include;

  • API redevelopment to ensure uninterrupted viewing experience of episodic content
  • Fixed potential bugs to ensure accurate capture and reporting of sales data
  • Essential integrations with multiple players to enable seamless watching experience across platforms
Faith & Inspirational Videos On-demand Application Legacy Modernization
Faith Video Streaming App Reporting Dashboard

We learned that the app users faced streaming issues of episodic content as a movie. Our team helped redevelop the API to auto-import movies with the right segregation, ensuring that users would enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Further, the revenue reporting of the module had bugs that led to inaccurate capture and reporting of sales data. We thus helped fix the issue to ensure the accurate values during sales are captured, reported & extracted.


  • 2x accuracy in sales data capture and reporting
  • 5x improvement in-app performance
  • 30% increase in subscription renewals

Customer Profile

North American faith-focused media company


PHP & React.js

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