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IoT-Powered Solution for Fluid Management with Advanced Data Analytics [Case Study]

02 Apr 2021

Storage tanks in the petrochemical industry carry chemical fluids and liquids. Their effective monitoring is critical to operations that impact process manufacturing. The instances where these tanks don’t refuel on time result in delays of delivery & production can affect businesses badly.

While some businesses still depend on wired communications to monitor tank levels, many are adopting wireless IoT solutions. Such a system helps you check fluid flow across multiple tanks. When coupled with analytics, it can offer real-time insights of this data over a computer or smartphone device. As a result, it can help you improve efficiency with accurate cost optimization. Here’s how we helped one of our Asian customers with 24×7 asset visibility, enhanced production planning and improved operations.

Project Overview

Our client is a leading manufacturer of fluid control systems with IIoT devices to their global customers. It is in the areas of liquid measurement, fluid control and industrial dispensers. The company was on the lookout for a comprehensive solution to collect and transfer data within an integrated system.

Rishabh Software being an experienced IoT application development company, created an IoT-based Web Solution With Integrated Analytics for Industrial Fluid Management. It would help to measure the data related to fluid flow, volume, storage level and more. A BI-powered analytics system integration helps generate real-time reports. It also offers various visualization options.


  • Lack of a system to capture and integrate operational data from multiple sensors, instruments and other devices
  • The Error-prone manual mechanism for liquid management resulted in wastage of costly liquid
  • Unable to handle large volume & velocity of data hurting bottom-line results
  • Limited visibility of functions across business operations leading to an increase in the performance gap


By analyzing their existing operations, we defined a business process for the client. It included tenant registration, subscription, management of master data, user management and ultimately generation of reports through analytics.

Predictive analytics mechanism: End customers can monitor equipment performance, daily throughputs from process units, and weather conditions.

Fluid Management Solution Dashboard
Liquid Level Monitoring Application Dashboard

Predictive maintenance: Comparing the above against the ideal data contained in the database. As a result, if any issues occur between the current and ideal state, the application triggers technicians’ alerts on their devices.

Unified platform: The application we created was built using the Laravel Framework to add functionalities that brought in transparency in the overall process. The platform for the business & end customers had 5 modules as part of the integrated portal.


  • A master control panel with a customized dashboard to access and manage data across business functions
  • Automated validation, sorting and versioning of data to ensure quality reporting
  • Up to 75% reduction in time spent by resources on routine processes leads to a performance improvement
  • 30% more cost savings with predictive analytics for early detection of issues and maintenance requirements
  • Increased customer base that resulted in a 40% rise in sales revenue

Customer Profile

An Asian Manufacturer of Fluid Control Systems


  • Laravel framework
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)

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