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Develop Omnichannel Magento POS System

25 Jun 2019

Omnichannel eCommerce marketplace is witnessing a surge in recent years. A fully-integrated multi-channel approach helps retail business to provide shoppers with a unified experience across online and offline platforms (e.g., touchpoints). A personalized POS system built with Magento centralizes the retail business process and provides a seamless shopping experience to customers.


Read on to learn how Rishabh Software helps deliver feature-rich and performance-driven Magento POS system.


To start with, a robust Omnichannel Magento POS for any retail business requires two functional interface(s).


  1. Progressive Web App (PWA): Offers a unified in-store buying experience through mobile devices.
  2. Touch-Point Wireless Screen: An affordable and comfortable means to communicate with customers.

How Our Developed Magento Point of Sale Solution Works?

We cover three main phases for Magento Enterprise Solution development

  1. For Owners: Easy to manage & grow business through a customized solution.
  2. For Staff: Real-time product info and update help perform & sell better through the POS devices.
  3. For Customers: Intuitive shopping experience across channels.


Rishabh Software helps you offer a powerful Omnichannel retail system by developing customized Magento POS solutions.


  • Inventory Management – Analyze products and decide what & when to order.
  • Payment Processing– Review multi-payment system. Manage EMI, split-billing, and offers.
  • Sales & Order Tracking– Record sales, order, shipping, and other information.
  • Consumer Loyalty Management– PWA app provides an enhanced in-store experience.
  • Multi-Store Integration– Manage multiple stores and warehouses. Get real-time updates.
Inventory Management Payment Processing Sales & Order Tracking Consumer Loyalty Management Multi-Store Integration
Registration/Login Multiple payment options Customized dashboard Add customers/ Guest Checkout Add new stores and warehouses
Item organization Buy on EMI Shipping details Coupons & rewards to loyal buyers Multi-warehouse product management
Warehouse inventory updates Custom sale Receipts Wishlist / Simple add-to-cart facility Manage sales registers
Barcode scanner integration Discounts & offers Shipment tracking & Exchange or Refund PWA Customer app Bulk import/export of products
AI-based product recommendation Multiple order & split billing options Manage payment Instant checkout Real-time stock updates
Automated inventory on sale management Order tracking
Export reports

Tell Us Your Idea

Every business is unique, so is the idea. Let’s discuss how we can deliver what you have in mind

Why is Magento POS System Essential for Omnichannel Retail?

While we are here, let’s talk about some of the factors on how our customized retail POS solution will support your business and offer much-needed growth.

Sustain Growth

  • Speed up revenue – The Magento point of sale system completes the order process within seconds. Therefore, the in-store checkout becomes quicker & seamless.
  • Instant sales conversion – A user-friendly interface on the screen enables the staff to make immediate sales.
  • Happy customers- Multiple payment options with a variety of integrations with eWallets, and more will lead to satisfied customers. You can even provide different pricing policies for loyal customers.

Full Control

  • Real-time update- Enable quick update with the instant data synchronization between the POS device and Magento software.
  • All at one place- Magento backend system offers seamless management of the entire business data regardless of the number of stores.
  • Automation- Concentrate only on the essentials by automating the monotonous yet essential tasks like – inventory management, billing, shipping details, and more.

Painless Expansion

  • Easy integration- Our development team will help you to integrate ERP, accounting, or other software into an Omnichannel Magento POS with quality & reliability.
  • Reliability- You will be able to add as many users and devices as you want with a one-time POS license. Our support team will support you in solving all your business queries.
  • No cost- Our technology-driven custom software solution for retail will provide you real-time updates free for the lifetime — no monthly fees.

To conclude, a retail business has to deal with a vast amount of data compared to other industries. It is made possible with the Magento Point of Sale integration. Daily tasks like billing, reporting, inventory management, shipping, and more become tedious for retailers. A customized POS system automates such functionalities. Rishabh Software provides a centralized POS retail solution that covers everything from your front-store to back-office. Of course, with a reliable Magento backend. As a reputable Magento development company, Rishabh Software offers powerful POS solution. It will provide a stable and revolutionary process to handle your retail business with ease and maximize your profits.

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