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Developing An AR Mobile App to Engage Customers with Product Visualization [Case Study]

24 Apr 2018

Augmented Reality or AR has sufficient capabilities to evolve for engaging customers. The reason why AR is gaining so much popularity is that it turns the real surrounding into an interactive realm from your mobile or tablet devices. You can visualize the digital elements by merely tapping on your phone, alluring to make the experience more enjoyable. For the consumer & building materials industry, AR technology has started creating waves of strides. Our end customer is one of the largest Europe based consumer & building material manufacturer and wanted to engage its direct customers through an augmented reality app.


Rishabh Software leveraged OpenCV technology to develop an image-rendering app for helping customers visualize our client’s products before purchasing.


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With changing customer preferences, our end client was facing challenges in mapping its customer expectations with production planning process. The end client’s sales team also had a low conversion rate to close the sale and further receive orders from the potential customers. Our client wanted to leverage the Augmented Reality technology and required a solution to:


  1. Deliver an engaging customer experience
  2. Improve sales conversion
  3. Streamline production planning


  • Choosing the right AR technology platform that is best suited to their requirement
  • Gamify the user experience
  • Rendering products in real-time
  • Creating personalized user interactions


Rishabh Software’s team analyzed the end customer’s pain areas and addressed the challenges by developing an augmented reality mobile solution. We built an omnichannel solution using OpenCV technology, which delivered engaging product visualization to the mobile app. The products are added from the web backend, which can be viewed on the native mobile app. We gamified the experience for users by creating a virtual experience with the below workflow:


  1. The user opens the mobile app
  2. Selects the desired area where they want to visualize the product
  3. Choose the variety of products from the gallery or app library to view in the selected area
  4. Gets a better visual perspective on each type of the product by moving around the chosen area
  5. Can select different product, and ultimately take the final decision


As the mobile solution is a ‘first-of-its-kind type,’ the customer wanted a proof-of-concept (POC) solution to test its effectiveness. After the success of POC, we developed the AR solution for iOS devices.

Business Benefits

  • An immersive experience for customers
  • Better engagement and higher conversions
  • Streamlined the sales & production process
  • Share visual screenshots via email and social media

Industry Segment

Consumer & Building Materials Manufacturer

Customer Profile

Europe-based largest consumer & building materials manufacturer

Technology and Tools

  • OpenCV
  • MySQL
  • iOS

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