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SaaS-based HR System Modernization to Streamline Business Operations [Case Study]

18 Mar 2024

Modern-day organizations are continuously challenged to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. One area that is often overlooked but holds immense potential for transformation is Human Resources (HR). At present, HR functions & systems are pivotal in driving organizational success. However, as companies evolve and technology advances, their traditional HR systems often struggle to keep pace with the changing demands of the workforce. With evolved technology tools and reimagining traditional practices, today’s organizations require a dedicated SaaS HR solution to help them achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

At Rishabh Software, we assisted a European management consulting company in modernizing its HR management system to streamline and automate service delivery, from onboarding to case management.

Project Overview

A leading European management consulting company sought a technology partner to modernize its legacy HR system. They were looking for a seamless solution to manage employee work routines and schedules, with error-free data management and seamless integration with inter-departments and third-party systems.

To address these multifaceted challenges, Rishabh Software developed a SaaS-based enterprise HRMS application that is a one-stop platform for managing all related activities, accessible from a unified platform.


  • Lack of a Centralized System: This led to inefficiencies and inconsistencies in managing employee information/records, such as leaves, payroll, timesheets, and related data.
  • Inefficient Third-Party Integration and Management: The existing solution was inadequate for seamless data management between internal (finance – invoicing and more) & external third-party systems (including, travel desk for vehicle mapping)
  • Outdated Data Management and File Organization: Reliance on inefficient and outdated data and file management approaches hinders the organization’s productivity and collaboration.


We modernized the legacy software into a robust and centralized SaaS HR solution by understanding the agency’s specific requirements.

The modernized SaaS-based HR management system streamlined and centralized HR operations, enabling efficient management of administrative tasks, leave tracking, employee payroll, and automated reporting for their end client.

Saas-based HR solution architecture

With HR software modernization, the developed solution now helps with;

  • Managing almost all HR-related activities
  • Complete management of third-party system integration (such as supplier management systems, invoice reminder applications, and seamless customer & contract management)
  • ERP management or commercial management of companies (including quotation, order, delivery, invoice, production, etc.)

The developed SaaS HR management system leveraged the emerging tech stack to address the organization’s diverse challenges.

  • Deployed on OVH Cloud, a robust hosting platform that ensured high availability, scalability, and performance.
  • Leveraged Laravel, a robust PHP framework known for its scalability, queuing, caching, and testing capabilities. It was complemented by third-party packages for expanded functionality.
  • MySQL, a widely adopted database technology, ensured reliable and efficient data management.
  • Apache HTTP Server integrated to provide a secure and extensible web server infrastructure.
  • Trello, an agile life cycle management tool, was utilized for project management.
  • For accurate file management, our team integrated Google Drive APIs, which enabled the creation of a centralized and synchronized system that was aligned with the client’s existing G Suite infrastructure.

Here’s the breakdown of the features developed for the SaaS-based HR Software Modernization initiative.

SaaS-based HR system dashboard

HR System

  • Employee profile and document management
  • Team management and hierarchy view
  • Organizational announcements
  • Time and attendance tracking management
  • Payroll management
  • Automated in-app notifications to track employee activity

Third-Party System

  • Authorized Admin Panel
  • Invoice reminder management
  • Vehicle fleet and refueling management
  • Contract management
SaaS HR software vacation management dashboard

Data Management

  • Single location storage with dynamic folder structure for easy access with G-Suite drive provision
  • Integration of payroll report export with related data

ERP Solutions

  • Quotation Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Production Management


  • 25% improvement in time efficiency
  • 100% availability of centralized and reliable data
  • 40% reduction in hours spent by teams/departments per week

Customer Profile

A leading European management and consulting company


Laravel, MySQL, OVH Cloud, Apache, Trello

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