Developed Web-based Performance Management System Using SharePoint Online
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Developed Employee Performance Tracking System Using SharePoint Online [Case Study]

09 May 2022

Emerging technologies are playing a vital role in digitalizing businesses across industries. While most companies were already implementing digital initiatives before the pandemic, Covid-19 accelerated its pace worldwide. As a matter of survival, the hospitality industry also sped up efforts and become a strong, early adopter of digital transformation.

Today, smart hospitality brands have switched from siloed spreadsheets to SharePoint for performance tracking system development that drives increased efficiency, easy customizability, instant KPI tracking & centralized document management. They’re now in a much better position to drive higher productivity levels and profits while promoting employee growth.

Explore how Rishabh assisted a fast-growing restaurant chain with performance tracking system development for centralized tracking & management of employee training and promotion approvals.

Project Overview

An American hamburger restaurant chain was looking for an experienced technology partner to digitize its manual performance evaluation process for employees across 120 restaurants. They needed a centralized performance management tracking system with role-based access to manage the master data, platform features, and workflow. The performance tracking system would enable users to track KPIs, identify training needs, monitor improvements across touchpoints & streamline the review process. Employees would be promoted upon satisfactory completion of the required training.


  • A tedious & time-consuming manual performance tracking system
  • No centralized process to track the current status & navigate training journeys
  • No real-time insights into the status of the completed performance goals against the assigned crew position


At the initial kick-off, our team determined their training goals and identified different user groups and desired functionalities. We leveraged SharePoint to customize the solution to their unique training & performance tracking needs. It integrated all upgraded capabilities while enabling centralized monitoring and management of training and meeting data.

SharePoint Consulting

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an experienced SharePoint development company, we engaged the client with tailored consulting and digitization of their performance management process based on the metrics that were curated to their business model.

Performance Tracking by Training Levels

  • Create goal-driven training, use review forms, and add review questions to monitor employee performance and growth based on predefined milestones
  • Rate the performance on completion of training and provide feedback for further growth
SharePoint-based Performance Tracking System Screenshot

KPI Dashboard for Continuous Performance Tracking

Create, track and assign individual and team-level training and meetings based on predefined KPIs that included:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Positive feedback
  • Complaints per restaurant order
  • Tips from the total collected
  • Tables served per waiter
  • Time per table turn
  • Product quality uniformity
  • Application of principles of workplace safety and sanitation
  • Menu planning
  • Food costs from food sales
  • Revenue per available seat hour
  • Table turn time
  • Sales per head
  • Production time per dish
Custom SharePoint-based Employee Performance Tracking Portal Development

Track Meetings in a Single Dashboard

  • Create the meeting list for employee feedback and training with the designated supervisor for a particular training level
  • Assign meetings that provide the team assistance and feedback to take corrective action and prioritize important tasks
  • View & track meeting details that offer employees the information they need to upskill to achieve their progression goals

Role-based View & Control

  • Ability to create users, assign the Assistant Manager/ Supervisor & edit the details of any of the employees working across the organization
  • Makes performance evaluation more efficient with real-time tracking of crew positions and related milestones


  • 100% improvement in internal communication and employee engagement across all store locations
  • 50% improvement in process efficiency with intuitive search & easy navigation for document access
  • 40% reduced effort with automated adjustment of training, meetings, and promotions
  • 2X better performance with ongoing improvements

Customer Profile

An American fast-food restaurant chain with a global presence.



Save Time, Step-up Productivity & Spur Employee Growth

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