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Custom Sports Data Analytics Software Development

27 Apr 2020

Data science and analytics have changed the sports landscape across the world. It enables teams and companies to aid decision-making and develop strategies for growth. Rishabh Software helps global sports franchises to become competitive by using smart, predictive solutions.


The world of sports keeps on improving its capabilities by utilizing sports data analytics as a tool to improve their win rate.


It is fascinating to learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning models are reshaping sports operations across varied business streams.

They help analyze player & team performance while focusing on the listed decision-making pointers:

  1. Selecting best players for the squad
  2. Mental and medical fitness of the players
  3. Building the ideal team combination
  4. Taking the right on-field/court decisions


Explore how we help develop advanced sports data analytics software solutions by supporting the teams & players to stay on top of their game in terms of overall performance, fitness, and relationship with fans.

Advanced Sport Data Analytics

Leverage the Data to Get an Edge Over the Competition

Our sports analytics solution helps coaches, staff, and management to identify trends that can improve game performance by analyzing the individual players and the overall team.


We enable them to compute statistical analysis for:

  • Evaluating player performance
  • Contract negotiations
  • Fusing best-practices and improve in-game decision making
  • Maximizing fan engagement, social media presence, and more

Leverage Insights For Success

Our analytics experts enable you to take advantage of extensive structured and unstructured data to drive actionable elements

Now, let us look at the essential components of our custom sports analytics software development focus.

Player Performance

Sports Analytics Software Player Comparison Dashboard

We assist organizations with predictive analytics in sports by collating historical & real-time data for performance projection based on past and present performance.


Our machine-learning models help examine the player performance, along with live analytics tracking.
It helps with:

  • Insights on their fitness levels (physical & mental) by analyzing the training regime
  • Evaluation of medical history and projection required for tests or assessments
  • Aligning the player’s strengths & weaknesses over the competition
  • Their scoring patterns across various activities and skills
  • Analyzing the historical contribution of each player in the team’s overall performance

Team Analytics with Advanced Visualization

Sports Analytics Software Team Analytics with Advanced Visualization Dashboard

The interactive dashboard uses graphs and plots to present different facts, and BI modules help device valuable insights to help the team management explore winning combinations with their probabilities.


The team dashboard:

  • Represents various stats related to players, opposition teams, scoring patterns, match results, league standings, and more
  • Provides sports diagnosis into an individual player’s performance through bar chart with historical gameplay comparison against rival teams

Sponsorship ROI & Fan Management

Sports data analytics allows team owners and managers to compute return on media and sponsorship investments through various metrics. Further, it assists them in identifying avenues of improving fan engagement, leading to nurture new and existing fan base.


Using marketing intelligence studies, we help analyze:

  • Brand’s exposure on traditional and modern media by identifying the frequency, time on screen, exposure length, target locations, and more
  • Popular players with the highest fan engagement to enable better sponsorship decisions
  • Fan network by monitoring – opinions & support (comments, tweets, likes, shares, and other engagements) about their favorite player or team through cluster analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to enhance a fan’s in-game experience with next-generation technology, and cross-selling of merchandising products

Stay ahead of the game

To conclude, analytics is an essential component of success for any sport today to improve the team’s performance.


Rishabh Software blends data models with business intelligence in sports through advanced analytics solutions. It helps improve decision-making enhance performance, building a stronger brand, fan engagement, and overall ROI.

Seeking A Robust Analytics Solution?

We implement predictive modeling, compelling visualization, & other capabilities to help sports organizations embrace data-driven decisions