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Business Intelligence In Retail Industry [Infographic]

21 Jun 2019

Retail businesses around the world manage incredible amounts of information. Every customer interaction is an opportunity that enables them to learn more about how to make their business more efficient and successful. Also, with the introduction of business intelligence services, the companies now get a better insight into their potential customer’s buying behavior, generating actionable insights, driving more sales and profitability through better decision making, and lowering operational costs.


The benefits of business intelligence in the retail industry are countless. AI-based business intelligence application provides meaningful and accurate insights from different sources stored on various technology platforms.


Read on, as with this infographic; we cover the potential of the pivotal role and advantages of business intelligence in the retail industry.

Role Of Business Intelligence In Retail Industry



To conclude, in recent years, online shopping has got tremendous success with the help of business intelligence and analytics. It is made possible by the BI applications in the retail industry. They play a significant role in helping the retailers to assess and target the right product at the right place, at the right time and with the right price. With more and more retailers learning the importance of BI in the retail industry, specifically across merchandising, marketing, and managing operations; it is no surprise why we are witnessing a significant uptake of this technology.


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