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MEAN Stack Web Development For Building Modern Enterprise Application

28 Jul 2021

In recent years, the MEAN stack has garnered the interest of large enterprises and startups. This is one powerful technology stack that has helped some of the biggest brands build robust web and mobile applications.

The fast-paced world that we live in, requires businesses to develop apps in a reliable & efficient way. By leveraging standardized sets of building blocks, development teams can spend more time working on applications that differentiate their business. It is beyond looking for how to merge lots of separate components.

If you are looking to develop an application, it’s important to stay in the know of the latest trends in the market & what empowers developers to deliver better outcomes. This article will take you through the specifics of mean stack application development. Here’s what we will cover:

What is MEAN Stack?

It is a JavaScript-based framework for developing dynamic and robust web applications. It is an acronym for – MongoDB, Express.js, Angularjs and Node.js, technologies that make up the elements of MEAN stack development.

Understanding MEAN Stack Components

MEAN Stack Architecture


  • Plays an integral role since it stores the application’s data
  • Eliminates the need to translate as soon as the object moves to the database from the app since it leverages application & database
  • Is scalable and hence a popular choice for storage and performance needs even for a colossal amount of data
  • Enables users to add fields to the database without reloading the entire table


  • Forms the backend of the MEAN stack
  • Assists interaction management between the frontend and the database to ensure that there is an uninterrupted data transfer to the end-user
  • Efficient process management with a minimalistic approach
  • Prevents overwriting variables optimizes both cost and time by making it difficult to redefine previously created variables


  • This JavaScript framework facilitates the development of the front-end of the application
  • Seamless dataflow across the application because common JavaScript environment
  • Easy-to-use templates and powerful performance make it the preferred front-end framework


  • Considered as the backbone of the entire MEAN stack where Express.js is developed particularly to work on top of Node.js
  • AngularJS interacts with Node.js to ensure seamless flow of data
  • Inbuilt server capability ensures easy deployment of MongoDB database onto the cloud
  • Can support a million connections at the same time

Require MEAN Expertise To Develop Your App?

Our developers can help you turn your business idea into a future-ready, feature-rich & highly responsive application

Now that you have understood how each technology works, let’s look at the top benefits of this stack.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

High Flexibility: Hassle-free development, testing & deployment of applications. You have the freedom to test it out on the choice of platform, including the cloud. MongoDB offers exceptional support along with automatic replication.

Cost-Effective: It requires a comparatively lesser number of developers as opposed to the LAMP (Linux Operating System, Apache, MySQL, PHP. 02) stack.

Reusability and High Speed: High speed is one of the most important concerns for every user. The non-blocking architecture of Node.js ensures that MEAN stack development is high in speed and reusable.

Single Language Development: The entire code for MEAN web development is built on JavaScript – both from the server-side and client-side.

When to Use MEAN Stack?

It helps businesses with advanced features to make the entire development process very fast and easy. It is perfect for developing dynamic SPAs , apps , complex business apps, and social media apps.

Use Cases

  • Based on our experience, it is best suited for;
  • Enterprise apps
  • Streaming apps
  • Real-time apps like social platforms, forums and chats
  • Location and mapping
  • News aggregating apps
  • Secondary business apps
  • Web apps for BigData

The use of this stack depends on the level of JS base within the development team as it depends on the scale and size of the project.

Rishabh’s MEAN Stack Development Services Focus

We have unparalleled experience in delivering enterprise-grade applications. Our MEAN stack developers fully understand the nuances of the stack to create custom solutions that cater to an array of industries.

Application Development
We can help you deliver high-performing web apps. As each business is unique, we customize solutions that match your needs.

Website Development
As an experienced MEAN stack web development company, we create versatile websites that deliver a smooth performance across platforms. Our team goes a step ahead to develop apps that are aligned with your target audience’s needs while delivering an engaging experience to increase conversions.

CMS Development
Trust our team of experts to deliver an efficient & robust CMS platform that will give your business a big boost and offer a higher ROI.

Migration & Porting
We offer smooth & secure migration and porting services across technologies & versions that ensure a seamless transition and workability within the MEAN stack.

eCommerce Website Development
Our team has the know-how to fuel the growth of your business by developing custom eCommerce web applications with interactive reporting dashboards that boost your sales and revenue to a greater extent.

Cloud Application Development
We have the experience and the specialization of developing cloud-based apps using the MEAN stack. It helps achieve agility, greater flexibility and have more control over your application.

ERP Development
Our dedicated developers have the required proficiency to develop scalable ERP systems to provide you with a 360 degree-view of your business operations.

To conclude:
Development technology continues to advance with the passing day. Most of the leading web and mobile app development companies are extensively using this high-end MEAN stack architecture to deliver cutting-edge web and mobile applications.

Rest assured, our dedicated team with exceptional proficiency in this technology can help create apps with high flexibility and optimal performance, thus creating a huge impact on your ROI.

Why Partner With Us For MEAN Stack Development?

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