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Software Testing and QA Services

Leverage our wide range of software testing services to build fully functional and scalability-tested solutions

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Deploy flawless products utilizing top QA & Testing Services

Rishabh delivers QA excellence at every stage of the software development cycle leading to quality products.

Our software quality assurance and testing services aim to ensure that your deliverables meet all the expectations related to performance, functionality, security & reliability, on time. The services extend from requirement analysis and documentation to test planning and execution.

For over a decade, our testing team has been using the latest tools & industry best practices to ensure high performance and top product quality that is tuned to global market needs.

With a thorough understanding of your business goals and a clear focus on your ROI, we leverage our manual & automated testing proficiency to help you release glitch-free products faster than before. Whether it’s white-box testing, black-box testing, load testing, performance testing, automated or manual testing services – we have you covered.

Get quality software with our testing services

Services We Offer

Test Consulting

Test Consulting

In a fiercely competitive software development landscape, being the first to launch an innovative product is key to success! And keeping that position in the market is possible with a strategic testing roadmap that’s aligned with regulatory requirements. Our Testing Center of Excellence brings together development, technology and business expertise to deliver the most reliable product, rapidly. As an experienced software testing & QA services company we help you find possible optimizations in processes & resources – eventually leading to a better ROI.

  • Test strategy and governance
  • Process crafting and implementation
  • Test automation & tech selection
  • Test point solutions

Test Automation

Test Automation

With different environments, architectures, integrations & devices; a platform-independent, tool-agnostic test automation framework becomes essential. It ensures faster simulations, high reusability & ease of maintenance. Our software testers & DevOps engineers work in sync to analyze your project needs, pick the right tools, create test scenarios and write relevant scripts for consistent product delivery. Leverage our full-cycle test automation services to significantly save time & cost while ensuring zero flaws in production. With our autonomous software testing services, we will enable you to deliver error-free desktop, web, mobile & enterprise apps to the market efficiently.

  • Automated Functional testing
  • Automated regression testing
  • API/DB testing
  • Testing integration with CI/CD pipeline

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

As an established software QA company, we know how a poor-performing website or mobile app can drive your customers to competitors! Rishabh helps you predict app behavior and performance in a real-life environment, saving you from unwanted consequences that can impact your revenue. We ensure that your app performs optimally under peak loads and scales to future needs like new users, business growth, and regulatory changes.

  • Performance code review
  • Application performance testing
  • Web API performance testing
  • Load, stress, volume & endurance testing

Web & Mobile Application Testing

Web & Mobile Application Testing

Your app functionality can make or break your brand reputation and profitability! Hence our dedicated QA team goes the extra mile to perform end-to-end testing of web & mobile apps, ensuring quality & compliance. We harness the potential of AI & RPA technologies to test your apps to perform under optimum load along with the possibility of potential failure. We perform usability, functional & performance testing for web & mobile applications while ensuring secure data sharing among systems to deliver the best quality result possible. We are always updated with the latest changes in testing parameters and leverage the best testing practices to ensure a rich end-user experience, seamless device compatibility and secure data sharing with integrated systems.

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • REST & SOAP API Testing
  • Cross-browser & Multi-device testing

Database Testing

Database Testing

The ability to make business decisions on the go comes with secure access to error-free data. This is why our test scenarios spread far and wide, covering the complete data warehousing process along with cloud-based Cron monitoring. This ensures total data accuracy, completeness & consistency at all times. Rishabh has a highly experienced team that combines the right knowledge and skillset to conduct ETL testing and data warehouse testing. We adopt an incremental software quality assurance process to check data integrity with the addition of new data and identify issues before they amplify. From verifying the data transformational rules to analyzing the minutest changes when moving data into different production systems, we ensure your revenue and repute never suffer due to incorrect or inconsistent records.

  • Database testing
  • Datawarehouse testing
  • BI report validation

Tools & Technologies

CI/CD / Test Management

Automation Tools

Automation Framework

Performance Testing

API Testing

Cloud / Browser Compatibility

Release flawless software products and widen your market reach faster!


Boost your product efficiency with our software QA services

As an experienced software testing company, we enable you to plan, test, and run every product model for top-notch user experiences. Transparent and flexible processes govern our customized testing approaches.

Get thoroughly tested software with our certified and experienced QA team
Certified Software Testing Engineers

Certified Software Testing Engineers

Our strength lies in our diverse pool of testing engineers certified in ISTQB and CSTE among others. Through process-oriented workflows, we deliver exceptional results adding a competitive edge in today’s digital world.
Comprehensive Experience

Comprehensive Experience

Over 20 years as a software testing services company, we have gathered invaluable technical and entrepreneurial insights. This acumen is transferred to every project we work on, ensuring it delivers the desired results.
100% Control and Transparency

100% Control and Transparency

Our processes are tailored to your needs, giving you control over the project. At the same time, we value transparency in methodology and hence keep you in the loop at every stage.
Automation and Agility

Automation and Agility

To keep up with the ever-changing market, we leverage the best of technology to automate quality assurance processes. This agile and flexible approach makes scalable solutions in the long run.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can software testing benefit my business?

    A software quality assurance company can help your business deliver on client expectations every time and build a positive brand reputation. This helps ensure that the final product works seamlessly while meeting the user demands to increase client retention rate. An ideal software testing partner can help your business save a lot of your time, effort & resources.

    Can you share specifics on the software testing process at your end?


    • Review of project documentation
    • Creation of test plan and identification of test cases

    2) DESIGN

    • Designing of test cases


    • Initiation of automated testing
    • Reporting of test execution and defects
    • Updation of test cases and scripts
    • Reporting of interim tests results


    • Fixed defects – Verification
    • Regression testing


    • As per the required compliance PCI DSS, Section 508, UK and European accessibility standard, etc.


    • Acceptance testing
    • Verification of scope
    • Deliverable mapping
    • Reporting of final tests results
    What is your approach to software testing?

    Rishabh is a client-centric QA services company that has been in this business for over two decades. We have a team of ISTQB-certified test engineers who employ an agile testing approach to make sure every product is delivered to the highest standards. It has excellent results in practice as we identify issues beforehand and iterate solutions rapidly to provide flawless products on time while staying within your budget.

    I have an existing vendor; can you take over?

    Yes, we can! Firstly, we work as partners to you. As a primary step, our team firsts understand your business domain, analyzes your existing product & reviews the code. Based on a thorough preliminary assessment, we make suitable recommendations and submit a proposal to take over.

    Will my data & application code be safe?

    Yes, before taking up any project we sign a Non-disclosure agreement with all our clients. Also, we have layers of security covering digital to physical access. Also, our team will keep you involved and updated at every stage of the project while maintaining complete transparency and integrity. We ensure of complete security of your data.