Key Features

The developed BI analytics solution accurately captured all the records generated between the client and customers, visualizing essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for inventory details. Through agile execution and incremental delivery, we designed a scalable, flexible, and open architecture pattern, supporting the client’s current needs while allowing for future enhancements. The key features and components of this inventory management system included:


Focusing on crucial KPIs for inventory details, the system projects business growth analysis at both yearly and monthly levels. This visual representation enhances data interpretation, enabling stakeholders to extract actionable insights swiftly.


Row Level Security (RLS) restricts access to dashboard reports. Shipping Clients and Inventory Clients are granted specific access rights to ensure data confidentiality.

Real-time Dashboards

The system’s dashboard design incorporates both inbound and outbound inventory dashboards, providing a comprehensive view of operations with granular level visibility. It allows the selection and creation of KPIs tailored to specific client needs, ensuring flexibility and customization for an enriched user experience.

Key Performance Indicators

Leveraging sales-related data, the system measures inventory value effectively. It goes beyond mere measurement, defining precise measures, objectives, and definitions for KPIs. This clarity in KPI details contributes to strategic alignment and goal-oriented decision-making across departments.

Logistics Industry inventory management system features
Logistics & SCM Industry Inventory Management System dashboard

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