Key Features

Rishabh Software built a Cloud Data Warehouse (DWH) Solution after merging & collaborating data from internal & third-party applications. Key features of the solution include:

Integrated consistent data

The data warehouse improves business intelligence by integrating & managing diverse, complex & large sets of data from disparate input data sources.

Scalable data reporting

Helps scale analytic needs, without retooling while storing, processing & analyzing massive volumes of data with a minimal total cost of ownership (TCO) footprint.

Intuitive dashboards

Easy access to reliable, high-quality data to different business units to assess.

Campaign support

Centralized data repository to create customer profiles to drive focused sales & marketing initiatives with the right insights.

Data Warehouse System Features like Team Performance & Leads Data Tracking
BI Report Dashboard - of a cloud-based data warehouse solution developed for hospitality industry

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