Key Features

We developed a user-friendly virtual dressing room application that would be placed on online stores for shoppers to try on clothes to enhance their personal shopping experience. It would allow online shoppers to use their own photos on smartphones or any AR-enabled devices and visualize how clothing items look on them. The key features of this virtual fitting room web app included:

Image upload functionality

Enable end customers to upload their images to virtually try on clothing items. This technology utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to provide customers with an interactive try-on experience. It includes body measurement and mapping, virtual garment simulation, and AR image visualization.

Real-time try-on

Customers can personalize their virtual experience with various color and size options and get a reliable sense of how a garment will look and fit their unique body. It will save a significant time and effort for customers and expands the range of options available to them regardless of physical store availability.

Optimized inventory management

Retailers can easily upload and manage a diverse range of products within their online store. They can optimize inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and minimize overstocking. This leads to reduced storage costs and enhanced supply chain efficiency.

Data analytics

The data collected through virtual fitting room interactions enables retailers to conduct market research, trend analysis, and product development. The data can then be used for customizing marketing campaigns and products based on customer preferences and purchase patterns.

Features Of AR Based Virtual Fitting Room Solution
Virtual Fitting Room App Screenshot

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