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Data Science Development Services

We enable businesses with data science as a service to transform their data into better predictions.

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Full-spectrum Data Science Development Company To Serve Business

Leverage our expertise with Big Data, AI & ML to solve high-impact business challenges, faster.

Rishabh Software is well-equipped to deliver data science services by utilizing algorithms, statistical methods & machine learning. We take utmost care in understanding and meeting the most unique analytics needs of customers.

We are a data science company that leverages the latest trends & technology including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to build custom solutions. Our consulting focus is a combination of exploratory data analysis, database management & creation of prediction models. This enables our experienced data scientists to build intelligent applications to enable you with powerful capabilities for optimizing operations, improving service delivery & boosting the revenue.

Data Science Consulting Services

Our Approach

Rishabh empowers organizations to accelerate Data Science by adopting emerging technologies and augment existing technical capabilities. Our team of data scientists, AI engineers, technical consultants, & Big data specialists are equipped to offer world-class capabilities to every client. Here is a showcase of how with our data science consulting services focus we work on implementing any & every Data Science project.

Our Data Science Project Approach

Data Science Services We Offer

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

At Rishabh, we know how to best leverage ML technology to bring an end to faulty business processes, flawed forecasts, or consumer churn. Leverage our expertise in data science implementation & algorithm development to train systems with the ability to learn and discover hidden insights. Our team understands the techniques to help businesses with accurate predictions, big data mining & root-cause analysis.

  • Data Mining
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Audio, Video & Image Analytics

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Our data science development services are a combination of machine learning, linguistics & deep learning technologies. We have insight in performing sentiment analysis, information extraction, intent recognition, and text categorization. Team up with us to include them into your chatbots, business applications and IoT devices to better understand the human language & behavior and drive better business outcomes.

  • Text Analytics Solutions
  • Sentiment & Intent Analytics
  • Doc Classification & Analysis
  • Info Extraction & Clustering

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Extract actionable insights with object detection and image & video analysis to detect anomalies, identify risk, and reduce human errors for your business. Our data science experts leverage computer vision technology with ML algorithms to create custom solutions, like surveillance video systems, access control systems, invoice processing app and even a face recognition implementation to directly improve efficiency.

  • Image & Face Recognition
  • Video Analysis for Surveillance Automation
  • Text Analytics
  • OCR & Data Capture

Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

We help businesses extract the right insights from complex data sets. From defining a roadmap and finalizing the tech stack to platform customization and proof of concept, our big data engineers perform each task flawlessly. We leverage data science technologies comprising of tools & frameworks to ensure that the data flows seamlessly & securely. Our hands-on expertise in developing data lakes, marts, warehouses and pipelines ensures your AI/ML models deliver insights aiding smart decisions.

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Lakes
  • ETL Systems
  • Reporting Tools

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Across industries, Rishabh makes converting audio to text easier and faster than ever before. Our work with deep learning function helps in speech recognition enabling clients to extract more value from their existing voice-based data. Whether you’re looking to improve CX, optimize sales or lower compliance risk, our data science experts can help you deploy AI-powered speech recognition software.

  • Speech-to-text
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech Analytics
  • Tone & Sentiment

Tools & Technologies

Data Science

Industry Portfolio



  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Track product & branch profitability
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Risk Reduction



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Wish to drive decision-making with effective root-cause analysis and accurate forecasting?

Create intelligent & autonomous data science solutions to support mission-critical apps!

Having deployed several resilient and high-performance ML models and developed AI systems across verticals, we know exactly what you need. Count on us to tackle everything right from picking the right architecture to designing the model & storage to building high-value technical solutions.

Data Science Services Company
Tailored Implementation Process

Tailored Implementation Process

Our proven data science implementation approach supports businesses to derive max value. With a clear understanding of your unique challenges, needs & goals; we figure out the issues that can be solved by leveraging AI and ML technologies to maximize ROI.
Operational Improvements

Operational Improvements

Our team offers identification of trends, forecasting, device & resource monitoring & even automates mundane tasks. With data science as a service, we help implement deep learning pipelines for diagnostic imaging and BERT-based text processing.
Real-Time Customer Insights

Real-Time Customer Insights

As a data science services company, we help build intelligent solutions that sift through petabytes of untapped data to reveal insights. From KYC data collection to better customer segmentation, targeting/conversions, to real-time analytics that improve outcomes.
Multi-Sector Expertise

Multi-Sector Expertise

From banking, telecommunication & retail to hospitality and healthcare, we’ve helped clients solve the toughest business challenges, predict demand for offerings, enhance customer satisfaction & implement profitable strategies based on accurate knowledge & foresight.

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