Enhancing Family Entertainment Center Web App Through API and Module Integration
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Module & APIs Integration To Enhance Family Entertainment Center & Restaurant Web Application [Case Study]

30 Apr 2024

Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) must constantly update and innovate to stay competitive in today’s demanding market, where customer expectations continue to rise. Recognizing this industry imperative, a leading technology firm partnered with Rishabh Software to digitalize the franchise store operations for their client in the entertainment industry.

Explore how enhancing and integrating modules and APIs into the family entertainment center and restaurant web application streamlined the online reservation experience.

Project Overview

A fast-growing family entertainment center chain brand was looking to upgrade its online reservation system for birthday parties, organizational events, and fundraising activities at franchise locations across the US and Canada. Rishabh Software was engaged to enhance the indoor entertainment and restaurant center web application by integrating APIs, modules, and additional features for an enriched user experience.

The goal was to optimize the reservation process and ensure seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint across franchise stores.


  • The absence of a fast and flawless online reservation process resulted in missed business opportunities.
  • Inconsistent user experiences across various franchise stores led to customer dissatisfaction and brand erosion.
  • The existing apps’ limited scalability and flexibility hindered business growth and agility, putting the client at risk of falling behind competitors.


We implemented a 2-week sprint cycle for the enhancement of indoor gaming and restaurant center web application. By combining our technological expertise and industry experience, we successfully enhanced the existing app. Our team utilized the most up-to-date tools and technologies like MS Azure and DevOps, .Net MVC, .Net MVC Core, and Angular to enhance the indoor gaming restaurant web app. Our approach included:

WordPress CMS Development and Angular Integration

We developed a custom WordPress application for effortless management of content across franchise locations. Our team integrated an Angular-based booking app for visitors to reserve entertainment packages, events, and restaurant reservations from the web application. We enhanced the application with modern UI/UX, real-time availability checking, secure payment integration, and an admin panel.

Development of Custom Wordpress CMS and Its Integration With Booking App

Enhancement of the Booking Module

We enhanced the booking module to handle reservations for various events. Our team ensured seamless integration of this module across all three web applications: the “call center, store app, and client-facing app.” Real-time synchronization of booking data across applications prevented conflicts and double bookings.

Enhanced Booking Module and Its Integration with Call Center, Store and Client facing Web Apps

Secure Payment Integration

We integrated secure and convenient online payments for event reservations across all applications. Encryption protocols were implemented to safeguard sensitive personal information.

Payment Integration in Family Entertainment Center Web App

Azure API Integration

We integrated the applications with Azure services through APIs, leveraging Azure Functions for serverless computing to handle backend operations. Azure SQL Database ensured secure and scalable storage of application data with high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

Recurly Membership Module and Punchh Loyalty Program Integration

Our team integrated the Recurly membership module with the Punchh loyalty platform. This integration enabled customers to enroll in the loyalty program, track their points balance, and redeem rewards through a unified experience across all franchise locations. We leveraged API integrations to synchronize customer data and loyalty points for real-time tracking and updating of customer information, rewards, and loyalty status.


  • 25% increase in revenue with a streamlined reservation process that resulted in higher booking rates.
  • 40% reduction in the time spent on manual routine tasks with automated processes
  • 20% expansion in accessibility catering to a wider audience and leading to improved engagement and loyalty.

Customer Profile

A US-based global leader in family entertainment and dining.


Angular, MVC Web, .Net Core API, .Net MVC API, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL

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