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Leverage Business Intelligence To Meet Next Gen Customer Demands

24 Apr 2019

  • Analytics & Data Science

About the Webinar

Prasanth is spearheading the Analytics Practice at Rishabh Software. He focuses on helping customers generate additional revenue channels by leveraging the digital transformation using the next generation technologies. With his sound customer relationships, Prasanth helps address their business challenges by delivering turnkey solutions.


Data is an essential asset for any enterprise today, ever wondered why? Even the organizations in the global marketplace have realized how to leverage the value of converting data to intelligence. It helps them get fast answers to the most complex questions. This significant trend to access data to receive business insights is termed as Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. However, it is not a new concept; in modern times, it is all about the speed of information gathering as well as the level of data filtering that provides the real edge for businesses.

Watch the webinar to learn

  • How Business Intelligence is a game changer in the digital-first world
  • How to tighten up data accuracy and compliance leading to informed decision making
  • How to improve customer experience by gaining valuable insights using data mining
  • Faster decision making based on operational data
  • How to find solutions for business problems

Therefore, having an agile, modern Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics team as your partner can help you make smarter decisions quickly with data. Remember, it is seconds versus days that helps reduce the margin of error by having accurate data by your side.


Join the leaders of Rishabh Software on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at 10:30 AM EST to learn how this can benefit your organization.

Who should attend:

Business Leaders, Technology Leaders and Practitioners, Channel Partners, and Consultants

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