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Leverage ML for Data-Driven Transformation for Retail Business

08 Apr 2021

  • Analytics & Data Science

About the Webinar

Hear from our specialists how to leverage Machine Learning to meet changing customer needs, adapt to market changes & generate measurable results for your Retail business.


Do You Know?

  • The AI in Retail market is anticipated to grow from USD 993.6 Million in 2017 to USD 5,034 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 38.3%
  • Big players like Amazon & eBay have successfully integrated Machine Learning technologies across their entire sales cycle, from inventory management to after-sales service.
  • At the moment, more than 28% of retailers are already implementing AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning (a subset of AI that refers to algorithms to analyze data and learn from it) has seen a wide variety of applications in the online retail sector.  It helps streamline processes, optimize pricing, forecast demand, surface products in an intelligent way, and provide a tailored, personalized experience to their end customer. From computer vision to visual search and natural language processing to predictive modeling, machine learning plays a critical role in all kinds of innovations. Today, ML offers a level playing field to retailers of all sizes with access to the same tools.

Through this webinar, we will showcase how to use all the data lying with you and formulate profit-making strategies with practical use cases and demos.

Learn How To?

1. How to drive operational efficiency with ML-based forecasting?
2. How to use your existing datasets to make;

  • Profitable pricing decisions
  • Optimize inventory planning
  • Understand customer demands with the right segmentation
  • Predicting purchase patterns

Who Would Benefit The Most?

  • Online retailers & physical store owners
  • Change Managers handling the shift for a retail business
  • CEOs, COOs & IT Leaders from Retail
  • Chief Strategy Officer

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