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Optimizing Business Performance Through Data Science

11 Feb 2020

  • Analytics & Data Science

About the Webinar

Watch our On-Demand Webinar, where we highlight how you can leverage Data Science, Machine learning, and AI to transform business performance.


Do You Know?

  • By 2021, 80% of the business data within systems across the world will be unstructured. Traditional methods of data management will not be able to pull out actionable insights from gigabytes of data
  • Incorrect or irrelevant analysis of Big Data costs industries roughly $3.1 trillion a year, within the US region alone
  • With tons of data generated every day, businesses are facing challenges in areas such as real-time data business management, fraud detection, customer sentiment analysis, lifetime value prediction, and more

The enterprise sector is witnessing a significant wave of adoption for data-driven products. Technologies such as AI/ML and analytics help solve long-standing problems for organizations. Even then, several questions on AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning remain unanswered around how to take advantage of these technologies to solve business problems optimally, how to leverage their benefits, up-skilling talent to manage this adoption, and more.


Do you also have questions on these technologies and their utilization for your business growth?


Then don’t miss out, as, through this session, we provide insights on how to leverage various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to turn Big Data into actionable insights.

What To Expect?

  • How to leverage Data Science – tools, technologies and techniques to map the pain areas in solving business problems
  • Explore real-world business scenarios on how the adoption of Data Science elements has had a direct impact on business outcomes
  • Why incorporate aspects of Data Science to drive the business roadmap for success

Whom Would It Help?

Business Advisors/Consultants, Channel Partners, Entrepreneurs, Data Science Evangelists

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