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Vaccinate Your Retail Business With BI

21 Oct 2021

  • Analytics & Data Science

About the Webinar

Our BI evangelists will enable you to see how visual analytics would offer the big picture by looking across datasets for managing – siloed customer & inventory data, supply chain uncertainties, overall operational efficiency and sales growth!


In the new normal, as the world slowly begins to shift back the retailers must be ready to adapt quickly to changes in market volatility and customer demands. They need to leverage the power of data to become immune to market fluctuations– irrespective of their size. The right antidote of solid business intelligence (BI) capability and required infrastructure helps ensure achieving success in the post-pandemic era real fast.


Did you know?

  • Covid-19 propelled a higher adoption rate of BI in 2020 (Source: Analytics Insight)
  • More than 33% of large organizations will practice decision intelligence including decision modeling by 2023. (Source: Information Week)

Learn How To?

  • Get a single & holistic view of operations via a single dashboard
  • Leverage all of your data to create sustainable, profitable strategies
  • Create BI dashboarding strategy without heavy investments

Who Would Benefit The Most?

  • Online retailers & physical store owners
  • Change Managers handling the shift for a retail business
  • CEOs, COOs & IT Leaders from Retail
  • Chief Strategy Officer

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Have a Project in Mind?


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