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AR & 3D Mixed Reality App Development for Furniture Retail Industry [Case Study]

25 Dec 2023

Traditionally, furniture shopping often left customers struggling to imagine how high-ticket items like furniture will look in the actual space. Today, 3D Mixed Reality for furniture industry has become a game-changer. It enables furniture manufacturers and retailers to show products in a customer’s environment, which helps sales teams have better conversations. The use of augmented reality in furniture allows shoppers to visualize products in 3D at actual size in the context of the physical world, which was previously not possible with just images and videos.

Since furniture is an incredibly visual industry, using augmented reality for furniture has significant potential to deliver benefits such as increased conversions, reduced returns, and high brand loyalty. Power Apps, a low-code and no-code development platform, allows furniture retailers to create custom applications for mixed reality (MR). From enhancing the customer experience to improving business efficiency, Mixed reality app development with Power Apps has unlocked a world of possibilities for furniture retailers.

Let’s explore how Rishabh Software used Microsoft Power Platform Suite and 3D Mixed Reality together to develop a furniture placement application that helped a furniture retailer improve sales conversion.

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Project Overview

Our client, a leading New Zealand-based furniture retailer, wanted to redefine the customer shopping experience by integrating 3D Mixed Reality application into their sales strategy. The goal was to empower customers to visualize furniture in their living spaces before purchasing, enhancing engagement and decision-making.


  • Integration complexity of merging 3D models seamlessly into a real-world environment
  • Appealing to a diverse customer base with compatibility across a variety of devices


As a power platform consulting company, our team leveraged augmented reality technology along with Power Apps – Canvas App with consideration of 3D objects.

We created a 3D Mixed Reality App that incorporated interactive pointers, allowing users to visualize and precisely place the desired furniture within their living room space. The 3D MR application makes it easier for customers to make buying decisions and try many different products, styles and colors in real-life settings, all with a swipe of a finger.

3D Modeling Expertise

Mixed Reality Mobile App for Furniture Retail Industry

Our team created realistic furniture representations, ensuring an immersive and accurate visualization experience. The use of power apps in furniture industry application now enables an intuitive, delightful, and immersive placement experience.

Cross-Platform Development

Power Apps based 3D Mixed Reality App for Furniture

The team employed cross-platform development strategies to address device compatibility concerns to ensure a seamless experience across various devices and platforms. (across leading mobile and tablet versions).

UX/UI Optimization

Overview of Augment Reality App for Furniture

A dedicated focus on user experience and interface design resulted in an application through the use of power platform in furniture industry that was visually appealing and intuitive, reducing the learning curve for customers.


  • 40% elevation in customer engagement
  • 30% reduction in return rates
  • 15% boost in brand differentiation

Customer Profile

A leading New Zealand-based furniture manufacturer and retailer.

Technologies & Tools

  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Want to Drive Retail Sales with 3D MR Application?

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