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Hybrid Mobile App Development – Top Business Benefits

03 Apr 2019

The choice of mobile apps depends on business needs and user expectations. While web-based and native apps have several benefits, hybrid mobile applications have garnered popularity. It is because of their adaptability across various platforms. This concept boils down to developing a single application that seamlessly works across different platforms. Further, hybrid apps make it slightly faster to reserve a spot in the app store market.


This blog highlights the core benefits of hybrid mobile app development, and how this mobile development approach helps businesses from around the world.


Hybrid App Advantages

Hybrid application development is cost effective and faster. It is the most sought after approach thanks to the growth in the number of mobile users, app usage, device fragmentation, and more.


Further, Hybrid apps combine the best and worst elements of both native and web apps. HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript are some of the conventional web technologies utilized to create apps. They even provide access to native platform features that run on both Android and iOS. Read on to learn how your company can benefit from this multi-platform application development approach.

  • Enhanced UX/UI
    Hybrid App Development offers a consistent and flawless user experience across iOS, Android platforms. Hybrid applications are about making it work for mobile by embracing the web. Further, the lightweight hybrid app UI helps in loading content and graphics quickly. The apps adapt faster to different device screens for faster data display and seamless data streaming. The excellent UI experience even improves the chances of the application’s approval at the app store.
  • Saves Time
    One of the main advantages of hybrid mobile apps is that they are easier and faster to develop than a native app. It enables companies to leverage their existing web development talent pool to lead the mobile market. The development team requires knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. So once the code gets written, the application can be run on both operating systems (namely iOS and Android).
  • Easy To Maintain
    Another benefit of hybrid mobile application development is its simplified maintenance. For native apps, the development teams need to roll out new versions with each update. Further, the users are required to update their apps with every new version release. A hybrid app bypasses versioning and makes app maintenance as simple as updating a web page, that too in real time.
  • Lesser Costs
    The most significant advantages of hybrid apps come from its reduced development costs. The hybrid mobile development approach enables the targeting of multiple platforms without maintaining numerous code bases. Unlike native apps, hybrid applications use a single code base for various platforms. Thus, it allows the development teams to accelerate the development process, which reduces the time to market significantly. Also, it will enable them to reach a higher number of users.
  • Offline Support
    Mobile applications commonly suffer from limitations arising due to the lack of offline support. It is a challenge for companies who cater to customers from rural areas or places where internet connectivity is a challenge.
    Statistics indicate that 70 percent of users abandon an app because it takes too long to load. As one of the Hybrid app advantages, the offline accessibility feature helps overcome this challenge. Therefore, the end users have uninterrupted access to the app’s data without performance glitches.
  • Improved Performance
    Hybrid apps offer high speed and performance just like native apps. In fact, in some cases, they are even faster than progressive and responsive apps. The reason being no dependency on network communication. Further, even apps with a higher number of users exhibit better speed on all devices. Hybrid apps have proven their high speed and performance standards with brands like Twitter and LinkedIn.


Therefore, to conclude, Hybrid mobile applications are essential for businesses to gain a competitive edge. With expertise and experience in developing multi-platform mobile applications, Rishabh Software helps you leverage the hybrid app development benefits for exponential growth.

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