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Healthcare App Re-engineering – On-Premise to Cloud Modernization [CASE STUDY]

10 Dec 2018

Legacy applications are a growing problem especially in the Healthcare sector. Not only when looking at obsolete digital applications but also their infrastructure. When IT fails to deliver due to legacy apps and their lack of agility, the business model and clinical processes become outdated as well.


Our client wanted to re-engineer their existing healthcare portals and applications to modern technology architecture for improving app scalability, adaptability, and maintainability with faster app performance.


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Legacy applications are a growing problem especially in the Healthcare industry, as many healthcare organizations use old digital applications and infrastructure. With newer technology upgrades, IT teams mostly fail to implement the latest technology due to the nature of the legacy applications. Our client wanted to upgrade its infrastructure by offering digital and agile healthcare solutions to customer and wanted to modernize their healthcare applications. The client’s business model and clinical processes were operating on legacy systems, and needed to be re-engineered for improving app performance, scalability and adaptability while reducing costs.


  • Poor application performance
  • Lack of documentation support of on-premise solution
  • Tightly coupled application with complex solution architecture & redundant data
  • High booking time for scheduling appointments due to old application technology architecture


Rishabh Software’s team analyzed the customer’s existing applications which were used to manage daily healthcare operations and proposed to re-engineer the legacy applications by digitally transforming and migrating them to the cloud. We implemented Agile project management practices to ensure complete app modernization. The current system was following a 3-tier monolithic architecture with tightly coupled applications. Our team proposed to execute micro-services with MVC architecture to future-proof the current solution.

Re-engineering approach covered:

  • Technology Migration
  • Architectural re-structuring
  • Data Migration upon requirement basis
  • User Interface Modernization
  • Product Feature Enhancements


The project implementation team consisted of 7 members (3 Developers + 2 UI + 1 QA + 1 Project Manager) to modernize on-premise legacy app to cloud. The modernized solution reduced the appointment booking time from minutes to seconds and is now able to handle 5000+ bookings received each day across the US.

Business Benefits

  • Improved scalability, adaptability & maintainability
  • High application performance & responsiveness
  • Automated patient & employee training workflows
  • Better user experience with a minimalistic navigation structure
  • Enhanced modularity, security & scalability

Industry Segment


Customer Profile

US-based healthcare service provider focused on streamlining their services

Technology and Tools

  • MVC 5
  • Web API
  • Microservices
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft SSRS
  • Microsoft SSIS

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