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Application Modernization Services

Become future-ready with your IT systems by improving scalability, enhancing security to boost performance.

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Level Up with legacy application modernization

Collaborate with us to modernize your IT systems for an agile & efficient digital future

To keep up with ever-evolving technology in today’s world, you need to revisit the legacy systems to extend their performance with new and emerging technologies. At Rishabh, we offer application modernization services to upgrade apps safely and with minimal disruption to business processes.

By leveraging our expertise in working with modern technologies, applications, and diverse industry domains we support your digital transformation initiatives with cloud enablement, application stack management, application reengineering & more. Our software product modernization practice helps businesses reimagine their IT framework for applications that meet increasing demands and mitigate possible transformation risks.

With the latest tools and technologies, we employ the right roadmap strategy, architecture, time-tested methodologies. Our experience with agile, DevOps, APIs, and microservices helps customers to optimize and rationalize their application portfolio faster while minimizing support costs and lowering ticket volumes.

Legacy App Modernization

Services We Offer

As a reputed legacy app modernization partner for enterprises, we help IT leaders to focus on revenue-generating initiatives. Our team works diligently to get rid of unnecessary operating costs, reducing the overall capital spending and freeing up staff.

Application Modernization Consulting

Application Modernization Consulting

Kick start your goal-oriented modernization journey with us to create business solutions for the digital world. Our strategic consultation includes an in-depth investigation of your existing application code and infrastructure dependencies to identify risks and opportunities. This is led by DevOps with CI/CD, microservices & containerization to support the transformation of your IT architecture goals.

  • Application assessment
  • Business rules mining
  • Remediation services

Technology Modernization

Technology Modernization

Our application modernization services help enterprises with focus on end-to-end porting, modernization, and re-engineering to transform time-tested applications. We help redesign & rewrite applications with the latest technologies, including Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, .NET, Perl, Python, Objective-C and more that caters to the unique business requirements. Our team even helps with architecture modernization to consolidate or connect multiple applications and offer enhanced performance & scalability.

  • Code migration
  • Database migration
  • UI migration
  • OS upgrade

Legacy to Cloud Migration

Legacy to Cloud Migration

We help seamlessly transition data, apps, APIs to the cloud with our migration services. Rishabh team has proficiency in migrating applications from on-premise to cloud and cloud-to-cloud platforms. Our objective is to accelerate time to market, increase responsiveness with improving scalability & accessibility to finally lower the infrastructure costs. We are also strongly experienced in cloud application development and that’s what makes us the perfect partner for all cloud related needs.

  • Application re-hosting
  • Application re-platforming
  • Application re-architecting

UI UX Modernization

UI UX Modernization

We generate customer-centric solutions based on design thinking principles to offer dynamic, user-centric experiences. Our team helps design, test, optimize, implement, and modernize user experiences. We enable developing user & device responsive plans with content contextualization, and customization that enables effective customer engagement.

  • UI/UX Design
  • GUI Modernization
  • Frontend Modernization

Tools & Technologies

Cloud & DevOps


Frameworks & Technologies

Partner with us in your legacy modernization journey to build customer-focused solutions


Achieve operational excellence by modernizing applications with improved functionality and performance

As an experienced legacy software modernization company, Rishabh helps enterprises become responsive, resilient & relevant in a dynamic era.

Modernization Services for Your Legacy Applications & Software Products
Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise
Our team of specialists has hands-on and collaborative experience in working across a range of technologies that give you an edge and keep you at the forefront of change.
We align your business objectives with our resources and timeline with zero compromises on our legacy application modernization services. Our goal is to support global enterprises to increase their revenue through a transformative business approach.
Automation-First Approach
Automation-First Approach
Our automation-first mindset, extensive industry exposure & domain knowledge power us to deliver services that promise quick turnaround with zero latency.
Powerful API Development
Powerful API Development
We specialize in employing enterprise-grade APIs using JSON, REST, SOAP, XML and other protocols to optimize your application project by developing secure and highly reliable APIs. Rest assured as we use top open-source, third-party API integration.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is application modernization necessary?

    Legacy modernization helps you meet your current & future business requirements and creates a major impact on your performance in a dynamic market. It opens new business opportunities and helps you operate with agility & thus you need a system that supports your goals well.

    What challenges does legacy modernization entail?

    Working on a business-critical application requires technical acumen and exceptional methodology. It requires seamless migration of data while ensuring business continuity. Companies that wait too long to kickstart their modernization journey often lack the right information about their outdated application & the processes that support the software within an organization. Legacy modernization goes way beyond simple technical changes, entailing both updated processes and organizational-level adjustments.

    What are the essentials of your legacy application modernization strategy?

    Rishabh works with a four-stage modernization approach.

    • Vitality check: What’s your application’s current status?
    • Fitness plan: How can we work towards making your application fit for future use?
    • Optimization: We identify your business challenges and accordingly update your application to support your future goals