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Legacy Application Modernization Services

We support you to upgrade & migrate legacy software with minimal disruption to data & business processes.

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Legacy application modernization services to enhance the capabilities of your software

Our modernization specialists utilize the latest technologies to support you with application reengineering, API integration, cloud enablement & UI/UX modernization.

We migrate applications and data from on-premises infrastructure to the best-fit environment with no data loss. Our specialists create custom migration strategies based on your business needs. We support you throughout the legacy app modernization cycle. Right from conducting a feasibility study and developing an optimal application modernization plan to implementation.

Our team helps renew the code & design of your outdated software. While enhancing its scalability, performance, and functionality without affecting the underlying business logic. We offer cloud enablement to ensure swift data exchange and seamless interoperability.

We have extensive experience with agile, DevOps, APIs, and microservices to help you to optimize and rationalize your application portfolio faster. This would minimize support costs and lower ticket volumes. All of this while efficiently mitigating operational risks & managing the changes that impact your business operations.

Legacy application modernization company

Legacy Software Modernization Services We Offer

Our application modernization services help organizations like you to re-engineer their traditional software portfolio. You can count on our specialized services to simplify & speed up your digital transformation initiatives.

Application Modernization Consulting

Application Modernization Consulting

We investigate your legacy application architecture, code & assess your functional needs to provide optimum solutions. Our team helps improve the performance of your software applications by upgrading, re-architecting, and re-writing them. As your legacy application modernization company, we help you devise optimal strategies that enable you to make the most of your legacy applications.

  • Application assessment to analyze the structural & architectural quality of business applications
  • Business rules mining to extract business logic from legacy software for further analysis
  • Remediation services to provide backup and recovery solutions by identifying risks & providing recommendations

Technology Modernization

Technology Modernization

No matter where you are in your modernization journey, we can help you align your technology stack with your industry needs & goals. We migrate your existing/obsolete application & components to newer technologies. Our team is proficient in building modular and scalable systems in line with future requirements. We support you in enhancing flexibility and easing maintenance with seamless platform migration.

  • Code migration to improve the performance, flexibility, and scalability between distributed legacy systems
  • Database migration for swift, seamless & secure data migration to the cloud
  • Platform upgrade assistance to enhance your software applications with a newer version

Legacy to Cloud Migration

Legacy to Cloud Migration

We assist to move your IT infrastructure, apps & processes to a secure cloud. We help migrate applications from on-premises to cloud and cloud to cloud while minimizing infrastructure costs and speeding up time-to-market. We provide complete app modernization support across Azure and AWS platforms. We use rehosting, refactoring, containerization, and digital decoupling techniques to migrate your apps.

  • Application re-hosting to minimize the cost, complexities & challenges of maintaining legacy apps
  • Application re-platforming to ensure your legacy app works optimally in the cloud while preserving its core functionality
  • Application re-architecting to leverage advanced technologies like serverless, microservices, or cloud computing

UI/UX Modernization

UI/UX Modernization

We help create the most functional UX designs for you with our time-tested techniques. It would ensure the right attractiveness and appeal. We offer dynamic, user-centric experiences based on effective information architecture, user & device-responsive plans. We work with you to understand your needs & expectations. Our team designs your application with a completely new and modern user interface.

  • UI/UX design support to build interactive & aesthetically-pleasing, interfaces that engage & retain users
  • GUI modernization allows users to interact with apps via visual elements
  • Frontend modernization to help you leverage modern browser functionality

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Cloud & DevOps

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Modernize your application for greater scalability, better performance & easy integration with our legacy modernization services


Why choose our legacy application modernization services

We follow an iterative approach and end-to-end transformation framework — from discovery, planning, design, migration, and transition to streamlined operations. Our team helps simplify and speed up the legacy modernization to the cloud with an applicable set of cloud connectors.

Transform your legacy apps with our application modernization services
Domain Expertise
Domain Expertise
We have unparalleled expertise and experience in application modernization and implementation of modern technologies. Our developers improve application flexibility while mitigating potential risks of application failure to ensure business continuity.
Powerful API Development
Powerful API Development
We help optimize your application project by developing secure and highly reliable APIs. Our team specializes in developing APIs by using JSON, REST, SOAP, XML, and other protocols. We enable you to optimize your application portfolio faster by developing APIs that are well-documented, easily consumable, and highly reliable.
Minimal Disruption
Minimal Disruption
With our approach, we mitigate risk and modernize applications without disrupting any of your current business processes. Our developers ensure optimum utilization of customer’s existing software systems while cutting on disruptions and expenses.
Goal Oriented
Goal Oriented
Our team helps prioritize your business objectives and align them with your modernization goals across timelines, and resources. We never compromise with the quality of legacy software modernization services and support you with novel designs and integration capabilities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the downsides of using legacy applications?

    Outdated apps running on obsolete technologies often make it difficult to access the required data on demand. This slows down the decision-making process and makes it challenging to deliver value to your customers.

    Additionally, legacy applications have multiple layers of redundant processes and components that need periodic maintenance. This can substantially drain your resources and restrict your ability to invest in crucial business areas.

    What are the business benefits of partnering with a legacy modernization company?

    An experienced legacy software modernization company allows you to:

    • Reduce the complexity of legacy apps with simplified service orientation and IT portfolio
    • Improve the functionality of legacy applications by leveraging modern databases, programming languages, and tools
    • Extend application usability with feature enhancements and third-party integrations
    • Enhance application performance while preserving core business logic and workflows
    • Improve information architecture to support business agility and adaptability
    • Establish a scalable base for future enhancements and capability extensions into IoT, analytics, and cloud
    • Reduce the cost and complexities of maintaining slow and outdated assets and shift the focus to strategic and sustainable technology investments
    What is your legacy application modernization approach?

    All our legacy application modernization projects follow the roadmap defined below:

    • Assess legacy applications
    • Mine business rules
    • Determine technology & infrastructure gaps
    • Technology consulting
    • Formulate a modernization roadmap
    • Remediate, re-platform & migrate
    • Testing & QA
    • Support & maintenance
    Why is application modernization necessary?

    Professional legacy modernization services help you meet your current & future business requirements with apps that are secure, scalable, stable & in sync with the latest tech trends. Modern apps expand your reach, help you operate with agility & support your business goals well to help you stay afloat in a dynamic market.

    What challenges does legacy modernization entail?

    Working on a business-critical application requires technical acumen and a proven modernization methodology. It requires seamless migration of data while ensuring business continuity. Companies that wait too long to kickstart their modernization journey often lack the right information about their outdated application & the processes that support the software within an organization. Legacy modernization goes way beyond simple technical changes, entailing both updated processes and organizational-level adjustments.