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Customer Review Solution for Analyzing & Enhancing Customer Experience [Case Study]

11 Apr 2018

Analyzing customer ratings and feedback helps many enterprises get a comprehensive view of the customer experience across all touchpoints and functions. Our customer wanted to develop a customer review & feedback management solution that analyzes customer feedback received from both online & offline channels to provide comprehensive information to enterprises.


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We helped our client by developing a review and feedback product, which examines input obtained from various data sources like survey responses, social media, customer emails, call-center data and CRM systems. Rishabh Software designed and developed the product through its Product Engineering Services.


In today’s competitive environment where your customers are at high risk of being acquired by new players, you need to have a competitor-centric approach to retain your current customers and improve your quality of service. Enterprises that focus on meeting their customer preferences have successfully driven profitability. Our end client wanted to develop a customer feedback product, which analyzes various customer responses received and delivers a comprehensive view.


  • Offline + Online Data Capture
  • Data Redundancy
  • Analyzing multi-lingual feedback
  • Developing a user-friendly solution with interactive reports


We helped our customer by understanding its product vision and developed a customer feedback management solution using Waterfall model. We developed a data warehouse to streamline the customer responses received from both online and offline channels. We developed an algorithm to normalize and simplify the customer responses by removing redundant information. After collecting data from all sources, we combined them into a centralized dashboard with an integrated complaint redress engine to provide an immediate and accurate analysis of customer sentiment. Interactive reporting dashboards were developed to visualize the information and to drive actionable insights. A team of three software developers, two QA testers, two UI designers and one project manager was involved in the project. We leveraged PHP, MySQL, Laravel, QuickBooks, and CakePHP technologies to develop the product.


Business Benefits

  • Real-time feedback analysis of structured and unstructured response
  • Omni-channel feedback system – offline & online channels
  • Automated triggers with customer sentiment analysis
  • Advanced reporting dashboards
  • Global language capabilities for achieving simplified operations

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

US-based digital enterprise, helping businesses understand their customers better

Technology and Tools

  • CakePHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • QuickBooks
  • Google API
  • JSON
  • Social Media API’s

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