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Litigation Document Management System Built For Legal Councils And Organizations [CASE STUDY]

15 Dec 2017

Transparency for justice is a significant and core element of any nation. At the local and international level, a country’s reputation is rated on how fast the judgment is delivered, with transparency. With Rishabh Software’s legal document management solutions, legal and government organizations can eradicate problems that plagued traditional judiciaries like document management, case management and finding the right information for the legal proceedings


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Imagine having innumerable amounts of litigations filed against multiple organizations and lead by numerous counsels that too with various users? This question troubled one of our clients, based in the United States. The other challenge arises in managing the multiple legal documents which support the legal proceedings. After evaluating several different frameworks, Laravel framework was identified to be the best fit for developing a legal document management system blending with PHP 7.x and MySQL 5.x technologies.


  • Real-time Authenticated access to files/modules
  • Real-time payment authorization using pay-as-you-go model
  • User Onboarding & User Experience
  • Data Security and Workflow
  • Robust Document Management & Storage


Rishabh Software’s team implemented the Rapid Application Development approach for simplified user and organization onboarding along with an engaging user experience.

The plan consisted of delivering an easy-to-use, less cumbersome, and simplified portal to process humongous documents to serve the following business objectives:


  • Define a standardized process and a definite protocol to collaborate all the transactions between Plaintiff Counsels, Defendant Counsels, and Courts
  • Easy-to-fill Fact Sheets to address various legal proceedings
  • Enable Pay-as-you-go model per Fact Sheet per Submission
  • Eliminate conflicts or ambiguity in the entire process flow – providing an increased advantage wherein mass torts or multi-district litigations are involved

Business Benefits

  • Simplified legal processing & document management
  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure
  • Real-time data availability
  • Authorization based document access
  • Digitalization of the entire process; paperless approach

Industry Segment


Customer Profile

US-based litigation service provider

Technology and Tools

Operating System Ubuntu/ Cent OS/ Fedora
Web Server Apache 2.x
Database Server My SQL 5.x
Scripting Language PHP 7.x
Design Bootstrap / HTML 5 / CSS 3
Front End Angular 2
Web Services RESTful API
Data Binding NodeJS
Infrastructure AWS

Require Legal Document Management System

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