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An EMR Software Development To Improve Patient Care [CASE STUDY]

05 Feb 2018

Electronic Health Record popularly known as EHR systems are evolving at a rapid pace. With the Institute of Medicine’s strong endorsement to implement computerized medical records, our client wanted to implement EHR to align its current facility administrators and medical service providers with practice workflows.

Rishabh Software leveraged the OpenEMR platform for improving patient care and integrated it with WordPress to streamline the registration process. The EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solution features critical components like User Management, Practitioner Management, Patient Management, Scheduling, Advanced Reports, Billing and more.


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In today’s day and age, patient care is one of the most critical aspects of healthcare. An integrated approach is required to collaborate, doctors, patients, medical service providers. Prescriptions, vaccines need to be tracked and understand how patients are using them to improve care. Rishabh Software developed an EHR systems for a US-based university to familiarize its medical students with EMR and implement planned patient care using OpenEMR. Currently, the university is using a student portal built in WordPress, and we helped to integrated WordPress with OpenEMR to streamline the registration process.


  • Patient information visibility
  • Patient tracking and billing
  • User Experience leading to many human errors
  • Lack of patient reports


Rishabh Software’s team understood the client’s pain areas and developed a robust plan for analyzing the current IT ecosystem and developing an EMR system. There are many EHR systems available, and we selected OpenEMR with its compliance with US healthcare standards and the robust data security. We first integrated the database of WordPress with OpenEMR, to avoid data redundancy. The user interface of OpenEMR is quite primary, and we developed custom CSS and HTML for improving the usability of the solution. Many feature components are developed like


  1. University/Student Management
  2. Practitioner Management
  3. Patient Management
  4. Meeting/Schedule Management
  5. Patient & Doctor Reports
  6. Messaging & Communication

The EMR solution was developed to serve three primary users – Portal Administrator, Patients, and Doctors. The web-based EMR solution also helped to streamline the patient care lifecycle with the availability of accurate patient information in real-time.

Business Benefits

  • ICD 10 Code Compliant
  • Streamlined patient care management lifecycle
  • Scalable Cloud-based EMR solution
  • Improved user experience with real-time patient information
  • Accurate patient medical reports with predictive care analysis

Industry Segment

Education / University

Customer Profile

A leading medical university in the United States of America.

Technology and Tools

  • OpenEMR
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript/ JQuery

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