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Virtual Event Management Platform Development for Healthcare Media Production Company [Case Study]

08 May 2024

In this rapidly changing environment, virtual events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops have become convenient approaches for sharing knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and driving innovation. To experience the shift from offline to virtual events, there was a need for a scalable virtual event management platform that prioritizes data security and privacy and can be customized to fulfill custom business requirements.

To ensure the success of virtual events, businesses around the globe are opting for a custom virtual event hosting platform to leverage their significant advantages in the foreseeable future.

Discover how Rishabh Software helped a leading UK-based medical news publisher develop and implement custom event management software for healthcare industry using React and Laravel on an AWS environment. The platform we developed enables the publisher to host virtual events for their wider audience.

Project Overview

Our client wanted to transit from offline events to virtual events to cover a wider audience and deliver insights at a critical time in the healthcare industry. The client was looking for a development partner to build a virtual event platform to reach the audience worldwide.

Rishabh Software assisted in healthcare event hosting & management platform development tailored to their specific needs. The platform was built using React and Laravel, hosted on AWS, and utilized JW Player for streaming services. This custom solution enabled them to host virtual medical events at a lower cost as compared to using established event platforms


  • Required advanced functionalities to boost event success and increase ROI
  • Needed robust features and an intuitive UI/UX for attendees and administrators
  • Manual document processing was creating security and compliance vulnerabilities
  • Inability to handle growing data volumes hindered scalability and limited valuable insights
  • Non-compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations could expose the organization to hefty fines and reputational damage


We lend a helping hand in virtual health education and event management platform development with customized stacks comprising React as front-end development, Laravel as back-end, and AWS for scalable and reliable hosting. To stream services with high-quality video delivery, we leveraged JW player to provide cost-optimized streaming services.

Edit current healthcare event details screen

By integrating innovative features and enhancements, the virtual healthcare event management platform reached a global audience, reduced costs, and seamlessly scaled to handle virtual events exceeding 3,500 attendees. The virtual event platform also includes extensive site usage tracking with the capability to analyze more than 100,000 interactions.

Below Mentioned are the Broad Scope of Our Project

  • Implemented a modular development approach with custom features like push-based notifications, live chat support, Zoom integration, and exhibitor/sponsors channels to enhance attendee engagement. These custom features resulted in a more engaging and interactive experience for event attendees, ultimately enhancing user experience and engagement.
Virtual healthcare event details screen
  • Incorporated efficient data and user importing functionalities to streamline onboarding and enable scalability for handling large volumes of data, videos, and user information. With features such as advanced tracking, custom-built modules, and a single back-end system serving multiple front-end sites, our client can seamlessly scale according to their business-changing requirements without incurring additional infrastructure costs.
  • We proposed and implemented a single back-end system architecture serving multiple front-end event sites to simplify content management, reduce maintenance overhead, and ensure consistency across event instances.
Create a new medical event form screen
  • We conducted rigorous load testing and performance optimization to identify and address potential bottlenecks, ensuring smooth operation under heavy user traffic during virtual events.
  • Our expert team also helped in adhering the platform to relevant regulations such as GDPR and other data security and privacy compliance.


  • 60% cost savings in hosting virtual medical events
  • 65% reduction in event planning time by going virtual
  • 40% increase in user engagement and experience
  • 80% reduction in manual effort with automated data and user import functionalities.
  • 30% increase in event ROI

Customer Profile

A leading UK-based specialist medical news publishing company.


React JS, Laravel, AWS, JW Player

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