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Epicor Magento Integration To Improve Retail Management[Case Study]

02 Oct 2014

A prominent business player in the retail industry was looking to integrate its eCommerce portal with ERP to improve retail management. The eCommerce portal was used to sell multiple brands of bicycles and its accessories. It facilitates the sale of bicycle products through its network of dealers spread across the UK.


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The client was working on Epicor ERP system and Magento eCommerce platform to maintain its daily sales and transaction activities, and other various software applications for its business operations. An integration was needed for both ERP and eCommerce applications, as they were functioning in complete isolation resulting in increased data redundancy and reduced business productivity. Rishabh Software offered to create an integrated Epicor ERP & Magento eCommerce solution to take full advantage of both the applications features into its business model.


  • Bridge the vast gap between traditional ERP and eCommerce, and other sales channels to enable sales and customers to interact with their favorite retail brands
  • High data redundancy across various physical stores (Store POS), mobile devices, call center, kiosks
  • Sales teams & retailers were unable to deliver customers services like “shop-online”, “store pickup” to fulfill in-store customer needs from any inventory location
  • High complexity between the database objects of ERP and eCommerce


To analyze and implement Magento ERP integration to its full potential, Rishabh Software’s development team implemented SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services for mapping the complex ERP and eCommerce database. The data sync with SSIS helped to create a highly scalable Magento ERP solution to accommodate high traffic volume and large product catalogs.


Additionally, to deliver integration stability between Epicor and Magento, maintenance and support services were provided to look after the retailers’ international expansion needs and support localization through options of native languages, multiple currencies and tax rates.

Business Benefits

  • Improved user engagement through personalized sales, targeted promotions, recommendation engines and contact centers
  • Streamlined business process and inventory management for tracking daily transactions
  • Improved decision making by removing information barriers and improving access to data
  • High profitability by real-time monitoring and managing cost

Industry Segment


Technology and Tools

  • SSIS
  • SQL Server
  • Visual Studio.NET
  • SQL*Plus
  • Magento
  • Epicor


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