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Learning Management System Software [CASE STUDY]

01 Oct 2010

Based out of California, USA, the client operates in over 110 countries and is a global provider of Supply Chain consulting services, which includes Monitoring, Training & Education, Program Development & Management and Research.

The Business Need

The client wanted to develop a web based Learning Management System that would facilitate their requirement to provide interactive courses and online tests through their website avoiding travel to and from their Californian location.

Their requirements included an interactive multilingual support application that would be visually appealing. In addition, the application had to support various types of online system-generated random tests. Performance of the site also had to be optimal with multi user support.

Solution - The Learning Management System

The eLearning Solution, Learning Management System (LMS), was designed by Rishabh Software to organize, deploy, and track web-based training content. Rishabh’s eLearning solution managed web-based training, build courses from reusable modules of web-enabled learning content, registered and enrolled students in courses, set up certification classes and tracked students’ progress through courses and online tests.

  • The Learning Management System allowed users to manage the courses and its modules in different languages separately. Each module had a detailed list of flash tutorials.
  • Users, based on their security rights, could create various questions based on the previously defined sets and courses within the modules. There were various types of questions; single choice, multiple choices, yes/no, true/false and sentence completions.
  • The administrator could see the detailed report for selective users who appeared for the test within a specified time line.
  • The user friendly GUI increased the user confidence level in the application which in turn increased overall productivity of the end users as well
  • Use of CSS file & master pages extensively helped in uniformity and use of Ajax component increased the access of data faster.

Client Benefits:

  • Improved accessibility – at the time, place and pace that suites the learner best.
  • Enhanced assessment of learning effectiveness through integrated tests assessments, assignments and the provision of automated record-keeping.
  • Simplified logistics through the elimination of physical resources such as CD-ROMs, cassettes, books or conventional classrooms.
  • Complete consistency and no problems with version control, since all content is updated centrally.
  • Improved performance because learners ascend the learning curve and become productive more quickly.


  • ASP.Net 2.0 using C#
  • SQL Server 2005 with Ajax technology

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