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Modernizing Legal Document Management System For A Law Firm [Case Study]

24 Sep 2020

Managing documents is crucial for the legal industry. It helps to improve efficiency & productivity with compliance. Though law firms and professionals often have unorganized procedures to capture & store data. A stand-alone document management system (DMS) allows efficient and secure record storage.

Businesses often need specialized features from the legal file management system. It must help them to automate & streamline the operations. Learn how we re-engineered and modernize the legacy system for a UK-based legal service provider. Do explore how we helped improve collaboration for courtroom presentation & related requirements.

Project Overview

Our client provides solutions for every stage of the litigation process, from data collection to generation and presentation of electronic document bundles in virtual courtroom trials. Their legacy document management system (DMS) was used to manage paperwork for reports & record remote hearings for legal professionals. And, with a rapid increase in presentation of the digital evidence as document bundles for case-related procedures, it was unable to manage, process, and store legal records in the form of electronic documents.

As part of their digital transformation strategy, they were seeking legacy system modernization with enhanced features to make it more collaborative, user-friendly & high performing.
The solution would:

  • Enhance existing digital document management system by including advanced features
  • Add remote sharing and chatting capabilities for improved collaboration


  • Unable to address a high volume of remote document requests due to the slow processing capability of the existing system
  • Absence of a centralized platform to ensure quality control of trial preparation & presentation
  • Lack of system support to create, manage & review different types of documents
  • Complex workflow for document management leading to challenges with segregation of old and new data

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Our Solution

We followed a phased-implementation approach to deliver the solution.

Phase-1: Analysis & Documentation
Our team analyzed the functionality of the existing system and interviewed the stakeholders to identify potential gaps in the product to understand the business requirements. It was followed by the creation of comprehensive documentation with UX guidelines and types of new features required.

Phase-2: Digital Management System Modernization & Development
We improved the legacy application architecture and libraries with modern technology & tools. As collaboration was an essential aspect of application success, we focused on:

  1. Remote sharing & chatting
  2. Smart annotations
  3. Simplifying workflow for document staging
Law Firm Document Management Solution Modernization

Further, we developed a robust architecture to control the licensing system centrally. Also, strict data security and encryption protocols were implemented to secure communication and data transfer between users.

Remote Document Management for Law Firm

Innovation Led Benefits

  • Improved DMS works with > 1 GB RAM to handle concurrent users efficiently and provide seamless experience anywhere, anytime
  • Intuitive remote document management & collaboration mechanism increases productivity
  • Easy import/export of multi-format files in the application and storage on device/cloud as and when required
  • Strict application licensing enabled via direct download or while using a USB stick
  • Smart annotation makes the document review process quick & easy through notes and comments
  • Streamlined workflow ensures users can access & manage case information on the go, leading to higher retention rates

To conclude, with legacy system modernization, Rishabh Software delivered the robust and optimum solution within a year.

Today, the modernized document management system for the legal department provides an intuitive way of remote collaboration and simplifies lawful processing.

Customer Profile

A UK-based Legal Services Provider

Technology & Tools

  • JavaFX
  • OSGi
  • Java
  • Eclipse RCP
  • XMPP
  • OpenFire

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