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Medical Claims Management and Medical Billing Software [CASE STUDY]

23 Jan 2011

In this healthcare software solutions case study, we will highlight how we developed a medical billing software solution for a healthcare client based in the US.

The Client

Our client is a US based company dedicated to creating innovative, internet-based means of transacting healthcare. Their sole purpose is to substantially improve the process of generating medical documentation in all venues of healthcare such as the physician’s private office, the physician group’s office, the ambulatory surgery center to hospitals of varying sizes.

The Business Need

Our client already had an e-Hospital and an e-Medical portal running. They wanted to integrate a medical billing portal as an extension of the e-Care Network to support out-services functionality of billing, claims submissions and remittance.

The Solution - Medical Billing Software

The client wanted a software for managing an extensive number of processes and activities that were tedious and extremely time-consuming. Along with compiling copious information from the database, data accuracy was of prime importance to maintain claims validity.

Rishabh’s medical billing software solution for claims processing could handle every aspect of patient accounting including; electronic claims processing, payments & adjustments, patient statements and financial reporting. The medical claims processing software could substantially accelerate practice-related efficiency by automating processing and collecting information. This allowed the healthcare providers to concentrate on their primary work of providing patient care and take their minds off processes involved in managing claims.

The medical billing software provided comprehensive support for all aspects of medical claims processing including many important features like:

  • Total Password Protection
  • Advanced Appointment Calendar Functions
  • Memorized Transactions
  • Professional Patient Billing & Insurance Billing
  • Custom Reporting Tool
  • Multiple Fee Scheduling
  • Credit Card Processing


  • ASP.Net 2.0 with C#
  • Adobe Flex 2.0
  • MS SQL Server 2005

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