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Medication Management Software Solution [CASE STUDY]

16 Feb 2011

Situated in Texas, USA, Client has over fifteen years of experience in serving Mental Health and Mental Retardation Hospitals and Clinics. They are the leading provider of information such as Consumer Benefits Program, Risk Management / Incident Tracking, Medicare Tracking, Pharmacy, In-Home & Family Support, Case Management, Internet Prescription Writer and custom tailored solutions.

The Business Need for Custom Healthcare Software Development

The Client was in need of a web based medication management software solution for tracking medication prescribed and maintained by the hospitals to minimize errors and adhere to best clinical practices.

The Medication Management Software Solution

With a simple objective of helping hospitals in reducing medication administration errors, Client approached Rishabh Software to develop a web enabled solution that would meet up their preliminary requirements and would help hospitals manage medication more accurately and economically.

The Medication Management Software Solution was designed to automate, track and ensure the quality of the medication process end-to-end. The Medication Management process included medication ordering, clinical checking, drug dispensing and drug identification at the time of administration and supply chain management (inventory control). Rishabh’s Medication Management solution helped improve quality of care, prevented medication errors, improved efficiency and reduced drug distribution and inventory costs.

The Medication Management Software solution was developed in two modules namely – Prescription Module and Drug Module

  • Prescription Module: Was designed to track prescriptions that were issued to a patient.
  • Drug Module: Was designed to tracks drugs that the hospital used and had an inventory off. Drug listings were maintained in module which included the ingredient, dosage, strength, directions, etc. Reports were available for drugs that needed to be reordered.

Client Benefits

  • Time saved by staff and physicians
  • Drug misreading eliminated
  • Drug information filed in patient record immediately, automatically
  • Ensured all active medications were accurately logged and instantly available


  • VB.Net 2.0
  • MySQL 4.1

Want to reduce medication errors & improve efficiency?

Team up with us to develop a feature-rich medication management solution that can automate, track & ensure medication compliance.