Customize MS Dynamics CRM for Businesses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a product that allows a great deal of customization for your business. This includes creating new functionality, changing your user interface and navigation methods for better managing your customer relationships. Most of the customization is pretty straight forward and do not require a lot of investment. All you need to have is the System Administrator or System Customizer security role, or have equivalent privileges. In case of complex business requirements, Dynamics CRM provides Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers through which they can customize business logic or integrate Dynamics CRM with applications like SharePoint, MS Outlook etc.

crm customization

7 Customization levels of Dynamics CRM for your Business:

  1. Database schema level: Microsoft Dynamics CRM database can be customized to add new tables and entities using administrative access directly from the CRM interface without making any database level changes.
  2. Application level: Forms, views and templates can be customized as per your enterprise’s needs.
  3. Code level: MS Dynamics CRM has a lot of visual tools available straight out of the box. In addition to this, it also lets you change the code to provide limitless possibilities.
  4. Feature level: Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers several features for customization that helps the sales and marketing team capture and process more customer information.
  5. a. Application Customization to Capture Additional Information

    i. Customizing schema features
    ii. Modifying forms feature for edit and update
    iii. Publishing changes to forms
    iv. Using the view editor
    v. Altering previews
    vi. Tailoring e-mail templates
    vii. Replicating with the import/export feature
    viii. Editing reports features

    b. Business Logic Customization

    i. Using the Workflow Editor to create customized workflow processes that best suits your business

  6. Business process level: Each organization has distinct processes to manage customer relationships. This CRM management tool from Microsoft provides process workflow automation to automate business processes as needed.
  7. User Interface (UI) level: Microsoft Dynamics can be customized for its menu items, tool tips, field level description and label text. It also supports custom UI themes and profiles.
  8. Deployment level: Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports custom solution development and publishing service by importing and exporting features. This makes deployment of custom features very easy.

The CRM solution from Microsoft Dynamics is a great tool to deploy, customize, integrate and extend. It provides a wealth of opportunities for enterprises to create a highly customized and integrated application for their business helping them achieve their business goals more effectively.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM development tailored to your business needs can improve your business efficiency and productivity.

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