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Migrating Magento to Bigcommerce for Conversion Rate Optimization [CASE STUDY]

21 Mar 2016

Migrating an online eCommerce store from one platform to another is not as easy. Website cart migrations require an insane amount of work. In fact, it’s more like moving a physical brick-and-mortar store from one location and setting it up in another. To execute a successful migration, it takes planning, preparation, setup and launch. Magento to Bigcommerce migration was required for a UK based client to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue.


Our customer was facing difficulties in optimizing sales and decided to create custom campaigns in order to attract more customers. One primary limitation faced in the existing eCommerce platform was increased dependence on technology teams for the creation of custom stores and themes. The client decided to move their existing store built in Magento to Bigcommerce mainly because it demanded no special coding skills for custom campaign creation. In addition, from a store setup perspective, Bigcommerce was a lot faster than Magento. The client needed a reliable Bigcommerce design & development partner who could help them successfully migrate from Magento in the least possible time.


  • Store front & theme customization
  • Configuration of product wish list, product listing & product review
  • Migration & mapping of thousands of product images
  • Enable requisite payment options like single payment gateway


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Rishabh Software, as a Bigcommerce Solution Partner, helped the client by collaborating with the stakeholders to create a detailed migration plan. After finalizing the plan, data migration was taken as first priority by moving data from the existing Magento store to the new Bigcommerce store. Some of the high-level process steps were:


Magento to Bigcommerce – eCommerce Platform Migration


  • Identify and map the current business processes supported by the existing system
  • Identify which of the current business processes would work differently in the new system
  • Configure the new system to support the target business processes (which included custom API integration to support functionality)
  • Plan and execute data conversion (customers, orders, products, sales history, etc.)
  • Design and set up interfaces with other systems like warehouse/distribution systems, data warehouse and ERP
  • Plan the infrastructure requirements and load test the system
  • Quickly identify bugs and fix them


After the data migration, we conducted a migration survey with client to ensure all the existing data like categories, products, inventory, customers and digital media were moved successfully to the new Bigcommerce store. Once the data migration was confirmed, we worked on the store setup phase where custom themes and layouts were built as per the campaign goals.


We also helped the client to migrate old store/site domain name to the new Bigcommerce store. In addition, we enabled Google Search Engine optimization, and optimized Google Search Engine by permanently redirecting the old store URL of the products to the new URL of the Bigcommerce product pages. The solution was built in a planned phase manner to encourage efficiency, communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

Business Benefits

  • Search Engine Store Optimization
  • Built-in marketing campaign tools to improve sales
  • Seamless integration with payment systems & PayPal
  • Fully responsive UI design to deliver better user experience

Industry Segment


Customer Profile

A UK based tool shop that offers a wide range of hardware equipments; ranging from Hand tools, Power tools, Automotive Tools, Garden Tools, Plumbing Tools, and to Work-wear.

Technology and Tools

  • Bigcommerce
  • Front End Development – Responsive Design
  • Custom API Integrations

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