Mobile App Development for the Tourism Industry

22 Nov. 2013 Mobile App

The term travel is loosely associated with mobility, hence it would be ironical if the travel and tourism industry is not using mobile technology. In this day and age, where smart phones are being used by increasing number of people every day, the travel and tourism industry just can’t do without mobile apps.

Tourism mobile app development has come out of its infantile stage and has reached a level where the app user has multiple benefits of using the app. In this post, we will discuss various benefits and types of mobile app development for the tourism industry.

Tourism mobile app development

Did you know that, out of all the mobile apps, tourism mobile apps are the 7th most popular category of apps?

According to Mickaiel 2011 report:

Tourism Mobile apps help users in travel planning, accommodation bookings, ticket bookings, cab booking, route mapping, so on and so forth. But these are just the basic uses of tourism mobile apps. Tourism mobile apps can be divided in the following categories.

Tourism Industry

They can offer one or all of these services:

  • Navigation – GPS services, route planning and maps
  • Social – Travel updates, reviews, picture galleries, free communication etc.
  • Mobile marketing – Contests, discounts and offer alerts
  • Security – Medical, Emergency calling and Information about local and international agencies
  • E-commerce – Ticket booking, overseas banking, reservations, shopping etc.
  • Informational apps

Users can plan their travel with the help of all these apps and make sure their holiday goes smoothly. For instance, a travel review website can offer reviews on hotels, sightseeing tours, public transport, etc.

Once the user shortlists the destination, they can look for discounts and offers through various mobile marketing apps. E-commerce apps allow users to make mobile reservations and information apps can help gain all the possible information about the travel.

Users can embark on the journey with the help of a navigation app and then share travel stories via social apps. In case of emergency, security and emergency apps can help users. All in all, there is an end to end solution for an average user’s travel and tourism needs.

Our team at Rishabh Software has developed, for a client, a unique travel information app that highlights the business etiquettes prevalent in China. From cultural dos and don’ts to national holidays, international dialing codes and the GNI per capita, everything that a businessman would need to know about China, is in the app.

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  • vlad

    If you want to make an app and maintain it easily and quickly there are many cloud based services which allow to do it. Most of them even support drag-n-drop functionality that works for non-programmers too. I am using snappii platform that offers lots of helpful features and allows creating really feature-rich and complex native apps.

    • Kaushal Shah

      Hello, thanks for your time and feedback.

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