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Re-engineering Investment Portal To Boost Efficiency [Case Study]

25 Nov 2021

More and more investment management firms acknowledge that technology is a key enabler for business growth and expansion. The industry is already under the pressure of changing investor preferences, evolving regulations, and increasing competition from passive funds. This has compelled wealth management companies to embrace digital strategies to stay compliant, satisfy customer expectations, and boost business profitability. As investment managers realize that modernization of legacy systems is imperative to improve advisor productivity, maximize value delivery and win new accounts, financial firms are constantly exploring new ways to embark on a digital transformation journey.

Learn how Rishabh helped with legacy app modernization for an investment processing institution to drive efficiency gains and new growth.

Project Overview

An eminent US-based Venture Capital firm specialized in helping entrepreneurs, investors, and investment managers to make profitable decisions and boost their business growth. They were looking for an experienced tech partner to centralize their document management portal for real-time visibility into all account metrics across the business entities. The Client’s primary request was to revamp the information architecture, enhance user experience and deliver a unified portal, which could facilitate future feature enhancements.

Team Rishabh modernized their legacy portfolio management portal by integrating disparate data sources using Okta and LoopBack framework. We also optimized the portal’s information architecture to enhance collaboration and transparency among users. This enabled financial advisors with a modern interface and improved the user experience for entities search and contextual help. The re-engineered system helps track wealth progress, identify key trade-offs & re-align financial resources much faster and drive better business performance!


  • Limited browser/operating system support
  • Non-intuitive legacy user interface that affected productivity
  • Obsolete technology spectrum that needed upgrade
  • Difficulty in integrating data from varied sources


The modernized portal retained the core functionality of the legacy system with a new set of enhancement connectors. It offers deeper insights into a diverse set of entities for strengthening investment strategies. This was achieved with:

  • A centralized information environment that enabled content sharing, document management, and enterprise search within the organization.
  • APIs that quickly interacted with backend resources like databases and services using the LoopBack framework
  • Revamping the look and feel (UI), usability, and information architecture of the module
  • Integration of various third-party applications makes it easier for admin users to collaborate


  • 60% faster & accurate search of information
  • 30% increased user engagement
  • 50% boost in productivity with centralized document management

Customer Profile

A US-based Venture Capital Investment Firm


  • ReactJS
  • Loopback
  • Okta

Bid Adieu To An Underperforming Legacy System!

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