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NFC Payment App Built for Android based Point of Sale Hardware

01 Mar 2017

Mobile payments are an innovative and emerging market fueled by contactless technology. Our Australia based end customer wanted to create the next big wave by implementing a NFC based payment app for its Android based Point of Sale (POS) terminals.


NFC App built for Android based POS Terminal

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How does an organization process huge volumes of digital payments for NFC based cards and transform itself into a modern, agile business? That was the challenge faced by our end client, a leading service provider based in Australia. Other challenge which came was integrating real-time payment authorization for customer transactions through the Android based POS. After evaluating several other vendors, the client finalized Rishabh Software as their preferred mobile app development partner based on the mobility expertise, various skill set, and vast experience in building NFC based mobile applications.


  • Real-time payment authorization
  • User Onboarding & User Experience
  • Data Security
  • Hardware Device Error & Exception Handling

Android based Contactless Payment App


Rishabh Software’s team implemented mobile first approach for simplifying user on-boarding and developing engaging user experience. The overall approach was to deliver a secure, agile, and intuitive payment app for the Android POS terminals to process millions of NFC based payments. Android mobile application development was used backed by material design. Stripe payment integration was used to authorize real-time payments and Amazon EC2, NodeJS, and DynamoDB was used to develop the app.

The solution was built in a planned phase manner, starting with a “Proof of Concept” to test and validate market acceptance of the proposed concept to developing the final native NFC app. Our solution simplified the payment processing and transacted millions of digital payments with real-time payment authorization with Stripe. Multidisciplinary teams from Rishabh Software was deployed to architect, develop and deploy the NFC based payment app.

Business Benefits

  • Simplified payment processing
  • Secured authorization with Stripe
  • Saves payment processing time by 80%
  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure

Industry Segment

  • Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

  • Australia based service provider.

Technology and Tools

  • Android
  • Stripe Payment
  • Amazon EC2
  • NodeJS
  • DynamoDB

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