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Multiple Event Management Portal Using SharePoint [Case Study]

08 Oct 2020

Planning and organization are important for successful event management. A unified platform for events can help simplify & automate operational processes.

Learn how we helped a US-based technology provider with a user-friendly event planning system. We made the entire process simpler with the help of Sharepoint.

Project Overview

Our client needed a SharePoint-based online event planning platform. It would enable event specialists with different services and benefits such as venue management, ticketing, registration, invoicing and more.


  • No single platform to manage online event schedule
  • No automated communication for sellers and stakeholders
  • Group division and tickets on the web and mobile app
  • Event data collection


As an experienced SharePoint development company, our team used MS SharePoint, Office 365 and other cloud-based services. Event professionals can now manage their events well.

The SharePoint event management portal had different stages. It included event creation & management, inventory, seller administration, mobile app development, prototyping, and SharePoint merging with Mobile API.

The single platform lets event professionals efficiently manage their inventory needs. It also helps customers place orders quickly from a central vendor search.

Online event management system using Microsoft SharePoint

Innovation-Led Benefits

  • 64% correct event reporting
  • 80% automation of manual tasks for sellers
  • Better employee engagement

Customer Profile

A US-based Technology Provider


  • SharePoint Online
  • Pnp js
  • HTML
  • Chart Js
  • MS Teams

Ready for Next-Gen Event Planning

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