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Online Jewelry Store Migration From PrestaShop To Magento [Case Study]

11 Sep 2020

The rapidly growing e-commerce industry requires website owners to be more flexible and competitive. And, due to lack of features, the owners today realize that online e-commerce platforms no longer serve them, even with the expansion of the online store.

It’s not uncommon for the e-commerce business to move to a better platform due to functional limitations and performance issues. A Magento based eCommerce platform has emerged to dominate the online store landscape in recent years by providing an exceptional buying experience.

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a France based custom jewelry company with PrestaShop Magento migration for their existing eCommerce store. Also, read how we helped them reap the benefits of custom functionality and ultimately boost sales.

Project Overview

Our client specializes in manufacturing & selling luxury bracelets, rings, earrings, and other ornaments. They were looking to upgrade their online marketplace experience, which appeals to a vast pool of customers in France, the US, and beyond. It was with the right combination of multiple entities like language, currency, payment & shipment systems, and deliverable sub stores.

As part of the mandate, they wanted us to:

  • Augment their web store’s experience by migrating it from the older version of PrestaShop to Magento 2
  • Include customized features as per their business requirement


  • Difficulty to manage a vast number of products across stores
  • Poor user experience due to slow loading speed and complex navigation of web pages
  • Risk of losing customer & business data during the migration
  • No proper analysis of customer preferences and purchase history leading to a dip in the sales graph

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Our Solution

First, we created a backup of the existing PrestaShop application. The primary objective was to avoid any unforeseen circumstances and loss of information while converting the online store from PrestaShop to Magento 2.

We utilized the features of the Magento eCommerce framework to provide the required solution. Our team maintained the coding standard across the software lifecycle phases and built a fresh UI interface.

It was along with

  • Improving multi-store management with a simplified dashboard
  • Migrating historical data such as customer information, orders, products, shipment details, and more
  • Adding unique features and customizing the web store according to the requirements
Prestashop to Magento 2 Migration - Jewelry Store

Business Benefits After Migration to Magento 2

  • Post Migration, the client’s sales revenue rose by 43% with order value through mobile device mounting by 67%
  • Enhanced UI/UX increased page loading speed by 3x times
  • Seamless buying experience for users across devices
  • Automated product feed by opening new selling point avenues, such as Facebook
  • User activity tracking to provide personalized recommendations while they visit digital store

To conclude, as an experienced Magento eCommerce development company, Rishabh Software successfully migrated the existing PrestaShop based digital store to Magento. With enhanced UI and custom features, our customer today delivers next-gen digital shopping experience while witnessing a significant boost in their business.

Customer Profile

France based Jewelry Company

Technology and Tools

  • PHP
  • Magento
  • GIT

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