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Digital Advertising Performance Dashboard Development Using Power BI [Case Study]

03 May 2022

Marketing takes place across numerous channels simultaneously. It’s important for marketers & advertisers to not only track and analyze the data for each of those channels individually, but it’s even more important for them to be able to combine and correlate results from the said platforms together. A digital advertising performance reporting dashboard combines relevant analytics for advertisers to analyze – marketing campaigns, social media promotions, bounce rate, funnel conversions, cost per action & web traffic sources to optimize for conversions. The analytics data helps them to understand their current performance & drive better results in the long run.

Learn how we helped a North America-based full-service advertising & marketing consultancy with performance dashboard development. It would help them to analyze the effectiveness of own campaigns to get better revenue and reach more clients.

Project Overview

The US-based digital marketing group with a global presence was on the lookout for an experienced Power BI development partner for custom advertising analytics dashboard development. They wanted to develop a centralized platform to assess, analyze and optimize their efforts for the customers’ by tracking relevant metrics that contribute to the campaign’s success. The advertising business wanted to develop a better understanding of its performance by reviewing the success parameters from the previous campaigns & platforms.


  • Lack of visibility into the type of traffic that impacted the sales
  • No quantitative insights into which channels, regions, in particular, are successful
  • Inability to track the device penetration that generated maximum clicks and views
  • No clarity of the CTR by day/month/year to know the most profitable sources


We designed the performance dashboard using power bi to empower the agency with a detailed outlook on their performance across various channels & existing client engagements. The dashboard enables extraction of insights on ad & campaign costs, ad reach & engagement with return on ad spend and most importantly client-wise segregated revenue data for digital marketing campaigns across industries & offerings.

The digital marketing KPI dashboard combines relevant analytics across clicks, impressions, CTR & more bifurcated by region, channel type, industries & duration. By integrating the advanced functionalities within Power BI for ad spend analytics, we enabled connecting the dots between spending and revenues earned – from YoY sales to campaign spending. Further, the platform is also designed to work seamlessly with other applications including social marketing, email marketing, sales insight, marketing management & analytics.

Real-time powerful BI dashboard for anlysisng advertising performance

Users can uncover problem areas & devise targeted messaging with the ability to:

Power BI-based ad spend performance analytics dashboard
  • Analyze conversion rate and lead trends across regions and channels
  • Delve deeper into KPIs like clicks, impressions, conversion rate, bounce rate, and more across social channels
  • Determine both underperforming & high performing sources (paid media, social, email, organic search & site referral) for different industries
  • Evaluate the ad spend performance on the most & least profitable platforms across the marketing funnel to figure out what’s working & what’s not
  • Track CTR by day/month/year to uncover the most lucrative platforms for different industries that provide max value
  • Understand client wise growth and revenue


  • 100% faster decision making with real-time inputs on campaign performance
  • 90% of manual analysis is eliminated with automated reporting
  • 3x increased focus & accuracy on market & potential customer needs

Customer Profile

A US-based multi-bouquet advertising agency.


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