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QA Automation For Clinical Process Management System [Case Study]

19 Jan 2022

Speed and quality are crucial for healthcare companies to serve the growing needs of patients. While the sector has seen witnessing digital transformation across the board, quality assurance and testing are often considered as an afterthought but play an equally important role in delivering flawless services. Moreover, with customers demanding quick and easy access to healthcare services & products, it becomes all the more important for enterprises to test every aspect of their application to deliver impeccable experiences. Learn how we helped a US-based B2B medical services provider with test automation for their clinic management software.

Project Overview

The US-based hormone treatment company was in pursuit of a technology partner to fix potential performance issues for the revamped medical clinic process management system. To stay abreast with the modern technology trend, they migrated their web application from a legacy platform to Magento. Though without a QA & testing framework, the new portal had frequent defects and significant data integration challenges. The client was seeking QA Automation for their migrated clinical process management system. This would ensure fixing the changes for the present and future while offering seamless operation of essential modules of medical software. It would include patient apps, clinical databases, customer relations management systems (CRM), and other third-party software.


  • Online & Offline Integration For Data Exchange with 8-10 different portals
  • Manual and time-consuming testing process with limited/no skilled resources
  • Lack of focused QA strategy with defined testing automation framework
  • Reducing manual efforts for test data creation and submission of test data to the backend system for functional flow utilization
  • Absence of CI/CD pipeline for automation of test execution
  • Multiple-Tier validations for different user types
  • Completely unattended execution for all environments i.e. QA, Pre-Prod and Production pipeline


Our QA team’s test automation strategy for the clinical practice management application was focused on improving the overall functionality of the revamped system. To ensure success for the initiative, it is vital to develop a mature end-to-end test automation framework in-line with client expectations.

Here is how we went about with it;

  • Analysis of the existing environment – understanding application complexity and architecture to define & design the testing architecture (number of portals migrated)
  • Collect performance metrics of the system (specifics on challenge areas with the client)
  • Created Hybrid (Modular + Data-Driven) framework for seamless data generation as part of the end-to-end automation framwork.
    • Developed a BDD Automation framework using selenium and protractor Angular framework as per the application portal
    • Utilized both Protractor & Selenium to meet the functional automation need
est Sets & Run - Clinic management software Test Automation
  • Automation of test plan development with test assets, test scripts, and scenarios
    • Integrated continuous testing into continuous integration (CI) pipeline to run tests automatically every time a new change was introduced by utilizing Azure DevOps
    • Automated test cases (regression and integration) for quick error identification to deploy enhancements
  • Cross-browser testing to deliver a consistent user experience
    • Increased Test coverage scope for multiple browsers and different environments (QA, pre-production, & production environment)
Test Sales Report - Clinical process management system QA Automation
  • Monitored application servers, web servers, the database server for performance counters
  • Automated extent reports with details such as different test cases executed, screenshots of failed cases and visibility of facing scenario, environment details, browser details, and more.
  • Analyzed, correlated results and generate detailed reports
  • Provided customer with a future-ready multi-tier framework to perform easy maintenance and manage change requests.

The robust automation framework with the right choice of tools helps fulfill the customer’s needs while considering the regulatory reforms, accountability, affordability, and accommodating structural changes.


  • 65% saving of data generation time
  • 5x increase in system performance
  • 75% increase in visibility of test coverage with automation

Customer Profile

US-based Healthcare Company


Java, JavaScript, Azure DevOps, Selenium, Protractor

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