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Meeting Scheduling Software Development For Digital Enterprise [Case Study]

01 Oct 2019

The need for software product re-engineering has significantly increased among modern businesses. It involves the transformation of existing software into an advanced and more powerful computing environment. It helps to improve the quality of service and performance of the system while reducing the delivery time and spent costs. Therefore, it is vital for companies across domains to re-assess their existing systems to detect performance issues and then fix them.


Read on to learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-based technology service provider to re-engineer their global meeting & event scheduling software to achieve better performance and extensibility.


Project Overview

Our customer was seeking a reliable technology partner who can convert their legacy application into an efficient, scalable, and secure meeting management system. Moreover, they wanted to re-engineer their existing product with feature enhancements, like improved document search, ease of integration with a third-party solution, and more.


  • Re-structure the entire app architecture
  • Create an automated meeting scheduling system
  • Develop automated agenda with meeting minutes
  • Generate faster web-based minutes
  • Migrate system database and source-code with minimum possible downtime
  • Modernize the user interface by maintaining app functionality
  • Address huge product maintenance cost

Our Solution

We followed an agile software development approach to re-engineer the current global meeting scheduling software. It covered three steps:

  1. Our team understood the existing code written in SilverLight and created comprehensive documentation for the to-be product model.
  2. We migrated the entire source code to the latest web technology framework.
  3. We converted the older version of the app database to a centralized and controlled database system.


Through this entire re-engineering lifecycle, we developed system enhancements, such as:

  • Drag-and-drop feature for agenda organization
  • Optimizing web interface
  • New intuitive dashboard
  • Streamlined topic submission
  • New meeting minutes module

Business Benefits

  • Save time and money with a paperless process from topic submission through minutes publication
  • Create agenda topics quickly and attach relevant documents, contracts, maps, charts, and other content to support them
  • A quick view of questions and agenda attachments through a public Web portal
  • Authorized council members can access, review, approve or reject agenda items
  • Automatic generation of minutes template
  • Seamless user experiences across devices


To conclude, Rishabh Software re-engineered the existing event planning system software within eight months, along with delivering other advanced product enhancements. Today, the event & meeting scheduling tool efficiently handles automated meeting planning and follow-up process with unlimited registrants.

Customer Profile

US-based technology service provider to the Government & Public sector

Technology & Tools

  • ASP.NET Core Web Framework
  • AngularJS Front-End Web Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Management System
  • Microsoft IIS Web Server
  • JIRA Automated Testing Tool

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