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Ready-to-use Custom Application Development Solution for A Digital Enterprise [Case Study]

04 Nov 2020

In today’s competitive world, solutions that are unique help your business grow. Also, a one-size-fits-all solution might not solve all technology problems. That is where custom software plays an important role. It can offer great flexibility for better growth.

Learn how we helped a US-based client to develop a custom application.

Project Overview

Our client is a US-based digital services company. They help traditional businesses of all sizes to create integrated digital solutions. The agency wanted to create a reusable and pluggable component. It would allow easy development of custom applications. Rishabh Software helped create a general pluggable components platform. It would help with the creation of new client applications tailored to their needs.


  • Integration of different apps over a central platform architecture with portal admin access
  • Turning client vision into an effective solution
  • Heavy customization for technical configuration of shared platforms
  • Selection of reusable, configurable components to develop as per user needs


Our team took a result-driven and straight forward approach. It was to develop the “add-on” component as a platform with generic code. We built easy-to-use components. They are changeable at runtime without additional deployment time.

Further, we improved the solution by including the following features:

  • Important components, like authentication, authorization, token generation, shared environments, notifications, form building and more
  • Generic user provisioning tool for admins to reflect the apps. Here, the admin registers a new user and selects the specific role which needs to be maintained
Pluggable Authentication Form Component
Pluggable Security Verification Component


  • Build software from current components by gathering and replacing incompatible parts
  • 10x faster design process to develop new applications
  • Reduced efforts by 60% to build the custom applications
  • 30% less cost for creating the main and important features

Customer Profile

A US-based digital enterprise


  • JSON
  • OWIN

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